Thursday, January 13, 2011

Asymetric Warfare - Janet Napolitano Just Handed You The Tools

Bomb Scare Leads To Evacuation

In reality, the item was a laptop someone had forgotten

Unusual Wiring On Vehicle Prompts Evacuation

Now your vehicle is suspect if you do your own trailer hookups.

Fake Bomb Prompts Evacuation Of Downtown Salem

Might be a good time to "forget" your package containing oh, say a package of batteries and maybe some Comet Cleanser.


Shy Wolf said...

ROFLMBO, Catman- that may be fun to do. I just may make a special trip to the local Wally World and do that- at a distance- just to sit back with a cuppa coffee and camera and watch the reactions. The trouble is, in this area, someone will find the package, open it, look inside, then walk off with the batteries and cleanser, no cops involved.

Bitmap said...

Powdered sugar. A very versatile substance.

Catman said...


No one said they had to be new batteries and a full can of Comet....hahaha.


Indeed, indeed! Everyone should be as imaginative and creative as possible.