Thursday, July 28, 2011

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Booby traps.

Make them come to you. Time is on your side. You have food, water, shelter.

Prepare yourself psychologically for loses.

Never allow the opponent to gain control of the situation. He may have temporary tactical superiority, but you have the advantage of knowing what is available to you because you have planned. Read the story of Elfago Baca for an interesting idea. This is ideal if you're on a hill or rise and do not have to worry about flooding during rains.

Wound as many opponents as possible to eat up their resources and sow fear and doubt. You can always kill them later.

If you are able to capture one of your opponents, take the opportunity to make sure the compatriots of the individual can hear his/her screams. This may provoke an unthinking emotional response from a lover, friend or family member thus exposing their position and possible positions of others. This is no time to be "civilized".

If you can't get a response, kill and "cook" a portion of the individual and "share" it with your attackers. Wrap it up, attach a note, and toss it out a window. Use psychological warfare tactics.

A grenade in the dark is always fun. Especially if they've already encountered some of your booby traps. Keep them off balance and guessing.

Allow no survivors. Take no prisoners. No exceptions. NO EXCEPTIONS! You can't watch them 24/7. You can't trust them. Again, this is no time to be civilized!

Be prepared to deal with the emotional effects of the incident on your party afterwards. This is when you will be extremely vulnerable and you need to have prepared people ahead of time for the possibility of raiders and the outcome of the raid.


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Anonymous said...

"...You can't trust them. Again, this is no time to be civilized!..."
What I've been trying to get across to people for years, if not decades.
WTSHTF is no time to worry about 'legalities' or Geneva Convention. Get rid of the sonsofbitches in the most painful, terrifying way you can to send the message you need: "Leave me and mine alone!"
Considering the kid of people with whom we will be dealing, I expect no less from them- cannibals all- and will have no qualms of pay in kind before they get to me.

MR BIG MUTTS said...

Dont forget to read up on what "Vlad the Impaler" did to his enemies.

You might want to put in a pig pen too since hogs will eat and devour human flesh and bones. This will be a easy source of hog feed and help prevent dead bodies from spreading disease after a battle with armed thugs.

Cooked human flesh will be good dog food too.

Think I am kidding. Go ask a pig farmer if you think I am telling you a lie. Remember the tune "A Country Boy will survive."

Many of you so called survivalists had better get your heads of your rectums and seriously start thinking about what is getting ready to happen. What is coming isnt a damn video game that you can start over when you screw up.

Do it now and when the "REAL" pressure is on and bullets are flying you wont have to make these types of decisions under severe stress/pressure. Instead, you will know what to do and be able to do it as if it is second nature, even something like this.

If you dont, you will be one the first to die for your STUPIDITY!


Spud said...

This is why I've always advocated the lowly 22 as a weapon of choice.
Wounding the enemy is preferable to killing him. With some big boy backup of course...Not to mention the psych of an arrow impaled in an enemies gut.

Anonymous said...

Well stated!