Monday, July 18, 2011


Obama has been calling for a higher tax rate. He wants SEVENTY PERCENT of your income.

Most Americans are unaware of how much they already pay in taxes. You're taxed when you're born and when you die and every single day in between. There are taxes on everything from the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and soon, even the air that you breathe.

We're not talking about people who have spent their lives living off the labors of others. They could care less. As long as their welfare checks and debit cards that can be used at liquor store ATMs, casinos and strip clubs are filled each month, it is a good life.

We're not talking about the people who have managed to steal untold trillions from the American taxpayer through the buying and selling of bureaucrats and politicians. We're not talking about people like Paulson, Geitner or Bernanke who probably think a maul is something to do with an angry animal and would drive around in circles looking for the happening night spot called the San Angelo Bar. Once they found it, they wouldn't know which end to shove up their perfumed asses to dislodge the rocks in their heads.

Ben Franklin testified to Parliament in February of 1766 that the tax being paid to the Crown was 12.5 percent and stated that the colonists were paying their fair share in response to England's demand for additional revenue. As cited by Charles Keltz in "Liberal Utopianism Is Destroying The United States".

I would urge you to read "Proceedings Regarding The Stamp Act". It is the Q and A between members of the British House Of Commons and Ben Franklin.

Does it sound familiar?


Mayberry said...

Far too familiar. Coupled with our modern "Intolerable Acts", I still wonder in amazement at those who will just lie there and take it...

idahobob said...

He may want, but he ain't gonna get.


Ken said...

...painfully familiar...
i say bring it,seems now's a good time as any to start the AmRevII