Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sources For Surplus Military Vehicles including Armor

Maz543 ScudB Missile Launcher for sale. Yes, there is a missile on-board.

Might be something appropriate to pull up to the next Glenn Beck rally at the nation's capitol with.

Military Vehicle Sales

Mostly WWII collector vehicles including Half-Tracks, Scout Cars, Sherman, Grizzly, and Stuart Tanks. Worth a visit just to look at some very nice restored pieces of history.


Beautiful MULTI-FUEL FV432 APC

Khaki Corps
Ferret Scout Car located in Oklahoma for sale

International Repo-Depot

This BMP can be found in Texas

Russian Military


For Recent US military vehicles, parts and supplies:

Government Liquidation


chinasyndrome said...

How much ya reckon rounds for that T-80 cost?


Mayberry said...

I'd like a T-80 in my driveway. Forget the howitzer, I gots me a new love : )

MR BIG MUTTS said...

Perfect emergency escape room when the US DEPT of EDUCATION sends their SWAT team to arrest your dog for falsifying his financial aid paperwork.

Those dang dogs have gotten themselves in trouble again.

Seriously, how would they get you out without calling in the military or would that be legal?