Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kill All They Send and Squirrel Vs. Lamborghini: PLUS Ride a Tsunami; Dash Cam Footage

I'm trying to lighten up. So much of what is happening in the country is just driving up my blood pressure, and it has become difficult to remain coherent.

If you want something to drive up your blood pressure, you can go read this:

"Kill All They Send" from our friends over at the blog "The War On Guns".

If you want something to marvel at, go watch the video below.

The car is a LP670-4SV powered by a V-12 producing 572 Horse Power, 487 lb-ft torque, and does 0-60 in a modest 3.2 seconds. The car tops out at 212 MPH without the optional wing mounted on the back. With the wing? 209 MPH.

At the time the car passed over the squirrel, it was traveling in excess of 100 MPH at the California Speedway in Fontana.

Click Here to be taken to a page with dashcam footage of the March tsunami in Japan. Absolutely the most insane footage taken during the disaster that I have seen to date.


Ken said...

...didja see the tip of the tail come off...sounds like ya can hear it snap off,lucky squirrel indeed...

Grumpyunk said...

The dash cam video is amazing. Wonder what happened to the driver.