Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day 2011

Happy Independence Day to all of you out there.

I wish we were independent as a nation and as a people. But, alas, 'tis not the case. In large part our population is dependent on the government, either as employees, or beneficiaries of some program.

Our government is dependent on foreign nations to buy our debt, to provide our fuel, manufactured goods (everything from mp3 players to the shoes on your feet) and increasingly, our food.

You and I, the folks who know what it's like to work with our hands, our backs, and our minds, can still claim our independence and show others the way to freedom.

America has become the land of "Can not" and not the land of "Can do". It isn't the American people who, by and large, "Can not". It is the few in the Established Order who say "You can not", "You may not", and "You shall not".

They pass laws and regulations telling you that you can't. You can't build this, you can't own that. You can't make this, you can't sell that. You can't think this and you can't say that. You can't do this, and you can't believe that. You can't say "God", but you better show respect to "Allah", "Satan" and other heathen beliefs because we're a "tolerant" Established Order. Tolerant of everything except American thoughts, American beliefs, and American ethics because those are dangerous.

200 plus years of an experiment called "Freedom" and "Republicanism", based upon fairness and open dealings spawned those nations that tried to follow the blueprint. Liberia, if it had succeeded, would have turned the "Dark Continent" into a bastion of Freedom. Slavery would have disappeared, and the usurpation and exploitation of Africa's vast natural resources and people by the European Elite would have been thwarted.

The Established Order can not afford to have any more free thinking and acting individuals in the world. Not if they are to maintain their power and position. Not if they want to continue directing the scope of human history and the lives of millions.

Our fairness and our openness was our undoing. It allowed the very forces that seek to destroy us unfettered access to the machinery of our political, economic, legal, and administrative systems. They have corrupted everything bent on destroying our way of life. They are just like a virus that invades a living cell, turning life's very processes into a machine of death.

Now the sad state of affairs has brought many to the realization that as in dealing with disease, the body must be brought back into balance. That requires the death of the disease causing organisms and the destruction of their systems of oppression.

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Ken said...

...Ours is a die'n Republic my Brother...

...i still wonder where the last stand of Her will be...