Thursday, July 21, 2011

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: "White" People Bad

Every year my employer forces me and other employees to undergo "ethics" training. Which makes me laugh in fits because the parent corporation of my employer gave us prisoner #05A4820 at New York State's Mid-State Correctional Facility. He and others in the corporation were engaged in what I would characterize as wholesale looting. The prisoner is currently suing the prison because he isn't being approved for a work release program. He is upset because others like himself have not seen any jail time, and says that it galls him.

It stuns me that some are calling for clemency.

This last round of "ethics" training had disturbing content which I brought to the attention of my supervisor. I was very uncomfortable in participating in what amounted to persecution of a particular ethnic group.

In the training, situations were shown where people were making unethical decisions, and engaged in unethical business practices. Every single one of the people who were engaged in the unethical behavior were White. Everyone who "corrected" the mistakes were non-white. The "correction" ran the gamut from instructing the unethical party in proper behavior to essentially ratting out the person to the authorities.

I must admit that I don't watch TV on a regular basis. There isn't much that stimulates me to be found. Most of the content is absolutely inane.

One show that I do watch from time to time is Fox's "Family Guy". I suppose that I never picked up on the underlying theme due to my irregular viewing habits, but the show tends to portray white people in a bad light. Uneducated, oafish, illiterate, slothful, motivated solely by greed and sex. On the other side is a recurring character known as Cleveland Brown. Cleveland is a recurring black character who is a business owner, genteel, soft spoken, tolerant, and serves as a voice of reason when his neighbors and friends are about to run off the rails.

Now, apparently, Homeland Security has picked up on the idea that targeting whites is okay.

See Alex Jones' commentary on this video.

What we are witnessing is something that used to be referred to as propaganda. However, there is now a science behind propaganda and it is called Neuro-Linguistic Programming. By establishing a pattern in a subject's mind coupled with positive experiences, the desired reprogramming of an individual, group, or a society is achieved.

In the above video from DHS, the pattern is to watch for suspicious persons. To a minority: a "white". Many minorities still perceive "whites" as oppressors and racists. It doesn't matter that it is documented they are more likely to be victimized by members of their own racial or ethnic community.

They frequently perceive the Federal Government keeps them "safe" from all the bad "white" people by passing laws. Their fear is stoked by the popular media referring to the Tea Party as a racist political party and the clap trap of "militias", "survivalists", "preppers" being conjoined with the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and other white supremacist organizations. Couple this with the continued insinuation by popular media and the Democrat Party that anyone opposed to Obama is a racist.

To a white: a "simple criminal". Did you notice Ted Kaczynski? Did you notice how many were dressed like Kaczynski? Beard? Hoodie?

Most people have it ingrained in their melons that Federal agents somehow resolved things like 9 /11 and the Unabomber, when in fact it is anything but.

The positive experience for both groups? Helping Federal agents resulting in "safety".

I think Homeland Security is not targeting foreign terrorists, but anyone in the general population who does not agree with the shift towards a totalitarian state. Their worst fear is a general uprising because there isn't enough manpower or material available to suppress it.

They hope to take out the more vocal and active in order to cow the rest into submission.

I've said before that "white" isn't a race in this nation. It is a culture and it is not a culture that is exclusive to those from Europe. The goal of those in power is to destroy the "white" culture in this nation. Removing all traces of the principles of The Founding Fathers, The US Constitution, and Bill Of Rights. Essentially binding all to an existence of mindless servitude.

Their continued efforts to drive a wedge between patriotic Americans by the use of race and gender must not bear fruit.

"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately." - Ben Franklin


Ken said...

..."'white' in this nation isn't a race it's a culture"...try as i may,i don't believe i've heard it that way aptly fits,our own undoing will be that we are not a "tribal" culture...
...any other race/culture sees an "attack" on one,as an attack on the tribe,so they will hit any,and all of the "other tribe",regardless of direct,or indirect responsibilities of the individual...

Old Jules said...

Seems to me the problem isn't about the bias in favor of being non-white on the part of the brainwashers. There's plenty of history in favor of being white hanging around the wings to strike a balance if it weren't for the flawed premise underlying the whole shebang.

Fact is, bias based on ethnicity is about specific, individual experiences. When I was a bussboy in the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel in 1965, the only 'haolie', outnumbered mainly by Filipino workers, I gained a few insights about how the other side lives, I reckons.

In New Mexico the tribes hate whites and Hispanics, and usually blacks. Hispanics find the tribes more akin to themselves than Anglo folk, tend to dislike blacks, and Hispanics rule the bureacratic and political roost. Nothing like trying to get something done at the courthouse with a white hater lady behind the desk.

Maybe it all just boils down to the fact having an ethnicity is a tough gig when you step into an environment where the downsiders are up.

Interesting post. Thanks for sharing it.

HermitJim said...

Very good post, my friend, with a lot of food for thought!

Sometimes it seems to me that we are finding more and more ways to become divided every day! Bet the PTB are happy about that!

Anonymous said...

When I was a pup just graduating from the military, a new sitcom spun off Archie Bunker called 'the Jeffersons' had just come out. Most the family thought it was funny, had liked him with Bunker. I used to get really pist watching his racist BS and how denigrating it was to the moron white people. Archie wasn't much better, either.
That was the serious beginning of 'white bashing on Tv', IMO. And the disproportionate number of minorities in commercials give the impression that whites are a minority as well.
Children's programming also has a disproportionate number of middle-income black families and poor whites. And the commercials for kids- don't get me started on those! Certainly no better for the adult commercials, either.
My point being, I guess, is that we've been getting indoctrinated for nearly fifty years with how stupid, unthinking and uncaring white people are and how wise, beneficient and successful blacks are.