Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Second Amendment TV

Here's a website for y'all to check out. There's some very cool tips and tricks to be found in the archived videos.

Thanks to Paladin and Shadow for giving me the link.

Below are three samples from the site.

For Shotgun:

Turn a shot round into a slug with a pocket knife. This ain't no joke!

For Pistols:

Cheap way to improve poor sights.

For Rifles:

Inexpensive reliability upgrades for AR style rifles.


Rhino said...

great sight .thanks for posting.I needed something to refresh my thoughts on theses matters.I've been too busy prepping & take my gun skills for granted.Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Great videos, nothing like watching something vs. reading how its done. One question on the cut shell.

Shotgun chambers have a definite line where the end of the cartridge opens up and the bore begins. So if you are shooting a cut shell, aren't you pushing a larger projectile through the smaller bore?

Catman said...

Hey Rhino,

Glad you found it of use!


I think you are referring to "chokes". Most chokes these days are able to be interchanged or completely removed from the barrel.

Gives you the basics on shotguns, chokes, and ammo.

Has some nice graphics but limited information. Combine the two and you get a fairly comprehensive explanation.

The individual in the video was using a side by side. It was probably configured without a choke.

Ken said...

...i remember cutshells...haven't even thought about those since i was a kid with a single shot...

Anonymous said...

Catman, I wasn't very clear above in my meaining - I apologize for that.

I was not referring to the choke on the front end of the barrel, I was referring to the rear barrel chamber itself. If you look inside the barrel from the chamber, you see a line where the front end of the shotgun shell ends. Its actually slightly longer than the shell, because when it is fired and opens, the shell front folds fill the gap.

That is why you see shotgun barrels with 2 3/4" - 3" - 3 1/2" shell designations stamped on barrel, the longer shells won't chamber in the shorter chambers.

When the shell is fired, the shotcup travels through the barrel. But if the entire shell case is now traveling through the bore, doesn't that compress the load?

Seeing is believing though, maybe the shell is able to compress this way with no problems. Sure be a good way to convert dove 'field' loads to something more useful in an urban environment.

Thanks catman.

Catman said...

Hey Ken,

Always good to be reminded of the tried and true work arounds from the past.


Ah, now I understand what you're saying. Thanks for the clarification.

One should never fire a round longer than the one specified for a particular shotgun. Frequently a 3 in shell will fit into one where a 2 3/4 shell is specified.

The reason is the barrel immediately begins to decrease just past the shell in an area called the forcing cone, the line you referenced.

It would definitely increase the chamber pressure having to shove the entire shell through the forcing cone and up the barrel.

Something I didn't even think about when I saw the video.

Something to think about.

Thanks for bringing it up!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome. I'd also check into if these cut shells can be used in magazines - I would think the springs might deform the shell when cut and possible jam the weapon. Wouldn't faze a single or double in the least.

chinasyndrome said...

Catman,my computer was down for a while,I am glad you are still posting.This one was interesting previous one was down right scary.Our National Security agencies would make Hitler and Stalin green with envy!Keep up the great work Bro!