Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reading Between The Lines

Several co-workers have always placed me as living somewhere near the intersection of Nut Avenue and Paranoid Way have recently started asking questions as to just WTF is going on in this country with stories of "Fast And Furious" and its sister operation "Castaway" surfacing in the main stream press.

They've become savvy enough to realize when a clandestine and illegal operation the government screws up winds up in the mainstream press, its because it is damage control. Getting out in front of a cluster f*^% like this means the difference the public losing interest and perhaps a repeat of the Watergate Scandal. All this accomplished through the manipulation and control of information with the complicity of a willing media who still are, by and large, in love with His Blackness.

There is evidence that has surfaced since Watergate that Nixon was unaware of what was transpiring, and that the burglary was botched intentionally to implicate Nixon. If Nixon had not engaged in the cover-up and had sacrificed some of his political pawns, his presidency may have survived the scandal.

It would appear that political strategists have learned from Watergate, and unlike Nixon, there is ample direct evidence that links Obama directly to these activities. Yet, he has managed to remain largely removed from most of the fallout. He may lose some allies like Eric Holder, but in effect, Holder is just a minor piece on the board. One that is easily replaced.

When Judge John Roll was assassinated in Tucson, and Rep G. Giffords was shot, Obama made the statement to anti-gun zealots that he was "working behind the scenes" on additional gun control measures. Judge Roll, in my opinion, was forcibly retired for making waves by trying to have a judicial emergency declared and in“United States of America v. $333,520.00 in United States Currency et al” – Case Number: 4:2010cv00703 Filed: November 30, 2010 – where Judge Roll stated he was preparing to rule against Barack Obama’s power to confiscate the assets of American people without a crime having been committed.

Was Judge Roll a target of Obama's Extra Judicial Execution Warrants?

Have you noticed how these stories have disappeared from the news? The Arizona shooting (emphasis, we are not talking about Rep. G. Giffords, but the actual shooting and the suspect) and the extra-judicial assassinations? How long was Columbine regularly in the news?

Now we have the tragedy in Norway. Things really look weird trying to figure out what was going on there, especially since Norway already has fairly strict gun control measures. Norway has true gun control, and not a gun ban in place.

What is even more odd is that on March 2, 2011, Norway co-organized "Savings Lives: Preventing Gun Violence Through the Arms Trade Treaty" at the United Nations. You can read a report on the conference over here at the IPPNW website. Documents from the conference can be found here. This is the treaty that Obama and company are so enamored with and want to use to strip you of your Second Amendment Rights.

Is a message being sent and to whom?

Regardless of just what is going on, who is involved, and why; you need to prepare for what seems to be coming with near certainty. Gun registration, and then confiscation. Many are not going to go along with it, and plenty of cops are going to be wondering if their $70K a year is worth facing a neighborhood of armed opponents with unpaid parking tickets.

If you are coming late to the party, or have been sitting on the fence about owning firearms, there is still time. You can make your own if you wish or buy an inexpensive serviceable weapon.

The Home Gunsmith is back online after the owner, Philip Luty, was originally sent to prison and later died of cancer. Check out the site and make appropriate notes.

The Mosin Nagant can be found for as little as $90.00. 440 rounds of ammunition will set you back about the same. So, for about $200.00 you'll have a good fighting chance.

A friend of mine frequently points out to those who think they need high dollar equipment to go toe to toe with current police and military points out that the Afghans often field hardware from World War II. It kills just as well, and if you want all that fancy stuff to make you hot and weigh you down, it will be free shopping day after the fight. It might have a few holes in it and some blood, but....hey, its free.

Check out, a definitive site for the Mosin Nagant

Need to learn about shooting and what your American heritage is?

Project Appleseed


mdknighthawk said...

Good points.
My co workers said to me a while ago, "we used to think the stuff you talked about was funny, but its coming true.
More are waking up.
Keep it coming Catman

MR BIG MUTTS said...

Folks, Catman is correct about removing all the guns, ammo and other useful items off of each body after a firefight.

The Israeli's do this after each battle and use these items for themselves. They dont waste a thing and neither should you.

If you dont take it, someone else will and it may be used against you.

chinasyndrome said...

Sad but true each day more comes at us.Mosin is a cheap serviceable rifle firing a powerful round.Thanks for tip on site!