Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Internet Outage? Get Your Files Today!

Some of you are familiar with George Ure from UrbanSurvival and Cliff High from Halfpast Human.

If you aren't, stay with me on this, these guys predict the future. There seems to be a curious thing that happens when the one human subconscious gets together with millions of other people's subconscious. They have a tendency to forecast what is coming in a fair amount of detail.

Some call it ESP, or a hunch, but many people act on the information from the subconscious everyday. You may even do it without even realizing it.

Cliff High has a huge network of servers that send spiders throughout the Internet looking for changes in language. Most people use the same vocabulary over and over (just listen to Obama speak), they just tend to rearrange the words to communicate different concepts. However, when people start changing the words in their vocabulary, those new words stand out. The spiders look for that change in language. Eventually enough information is collected that forecast near future events. Those new words often are the key to future events.

On April 1, both George Ure and Cliff High were again on Coast To Coast AM. I spoke with several other listeners, and we all agreed that both Cliff and George sounded scared. Now they've had windows to see 911, the Banda Aceh earthquake, the decline of the economy, the passage of the Health Care package before these events happened. They talked about these events, but they never sounded scared.

One of the events that they discussed was a "gap in the data" meaning that the information they glean from the Internet is interrupted for a period of time. They also discussed a possible "false flag" terror attack where the Internet is used to launch an attack on the nation's power grid by hackers disrupting the SCADA systems. This type of attack results in severe restrictions being placed on people's access to the Internet, and the information on the 'net.

So once again, here we go.

More files for you to download:

Hopefully we don't go back to having to hack at each other with swords, but just in case:

Jim Hrisoulas - The Pattern Welded Blade

N. Mashiro PhD - Black Medicine: The Dark Art Of Death

McLean's book is a real gem. Do not make the mistake of bypassing it!

Don McLean - Do It Yourself Gunpowder Cookbook

JoJo Gonzales - Death By Deception: Advanced Improvised Booby Traps

Hugh L. Coffee - Ditch Medicine: Advanced Field Procedures For Emergencies


Anonymous said...

RapidShare says I've reached my limit of free downloads and have to buy a premium membership to download any more. WTF!?
So much for "free". Maybe you can e-mail them to me?


Catman said...

YOF, sure I can send 'em to you. But remember, it tells you how long you have to wait until you can do another free d/l. Usually 5 to 15 minutes.

HermitJim said...

Hey Buddy...
I appreciate the links! Man, you really do a lot as far as finding us some good information to use! For amusement purposes only, of course!

Thanks again, Sir!

Catman said...

Hey Jim,

Glad to see you come by! I'm always happy to do what I can. Hey, we peons have to look out for each other!

No one else does!