Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Files For You!

I'm not sure of how wise it is to throw knives at people, even if they're your enemy. Seems to me all you are doing is giving them a weapon if they're unarmed.

But for your edification and enjoyment:

Ralph Thorn - Combat Knife Throwing: A New Approach

This isn't exactly a definitive treatise, but it should get your mind working:

Michael Connor - How To Hide Anything

This is a little dated as you can see from some of the images contained inside, but again, its just to give you some ideas:

Michael Connor - Sneak It Through: Smuggling Made Easier

Anyone into electronics?

Tom Larsen - More Bench Tested Circuits: Innovative Circuits For Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance Technicians

More explosives! YAY!

William Wallace - The Revised Black Book: A Guide To Field Manufactured Explosives

And just in case you can't get fuel and need to run your tractor:

FEMA - Construction Of A Simplified Wood Gas Generator For Fueling Internal Combustion Engines In Case Of A Petroleum Emergency

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