Thursday, April 8, 2010

Keep Telling THEM F - U!

You're doing a great job on some fronts. You're refusing to be bullied, cajoled, stampeded or hoodwinked into being used to generate profits for big pharma!

ABC - Millions of Swine Flue doses may be trashed.

You saw through the lies and propaganda. In fact, you did so well, Glaxo Smith Kline is having to retreat and let governments out of contracts.

GSK Agrees To One Third Cut In UK H1N1 Vaccine Order

In fact you were so resistant to their evil plans, that you thwarted their attempt to make the vaccines mandatory. This from last July when all the hype and fear mongering was going on.

Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccinations Mandatory Globally Likely By Next Week

Yet, they're still trying to force the issue. This video from March 30, 2010.

They're implying there will be a "third wave". Just trying to avoid tossing out those soon to expire swine flu shots. One last attempt at the brass ring, eh boys? Good luck.

We need to keep the pressure up and need to keep telling them F*** You!


HermitJim said...

Nice to be making a little headway on some fronts, isn't it?

Somewhere down the line, maybe these assholes will start to get the message!

Good post, buddy!

Northwoods said...

Might be plenty of that poison left but as's first "dumb" first served..

Anonymous said...

My wife works at the Mayo Clinic and she said that next years regular flu shot will likely also contain the swine flu vaccine. To which I will say: F*#k you!