Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obama outs Obama: Kenya Barack's "HOME" country

Forty five seconds into the video.


Humble wife said...

Pretty clear to me, when I listened to this yesterday. She doesn't skip a beat in her speech.

For comparison, my in-laws are Mexican. I never refer to Mexico as Bill's home country as he was born in Texas. Never, not once, although we have been to Mexico many many times.

In my opinion the birthers are treated as fringe, but in reality they are only asking for what was expected of McCain.

If you research articles written when Obama was elected to Illinois senate, you will find that an American journalist recorded that Kenyan was elected, as well as the Kenyan newspapers.

I could care a less, as it is apparent that the left has little concern over anything but their control. It was similar with Bush needing to release military and college papers, but Kerry never did, translation? Bush had higher grades and better reports while in military. With that one can presume the birth certificate problem must be something pretty real, as McCain showed his, and the senate made sure he was eligible.

Time is past to worry, or to prove they are off track. The time is to prep for the upcoming times where the Left being so emboldened will continue to crush all those that disagree...either by institutionalizing because conservatives are mentally unstable, or to isolate and imprison because we have been painted as radicals or fundamentals.

Sorry to get up on a podium...I am just no longer wondering if our society will crash, but when it will and I am saddened as when we fall who will pick us up?

Anonymous said...

There are those who believe the Democrats are pushing this video in hopes that the 80% of the population who do NOT believe BO was born foreign, will rise up and crush the 20% of the population who do...with the MSM's help.

idahobob said...

Ah yes.....in our faces.


Radio Bloger said...

It makes no difference the puppet masters had every intent to place the mantle of power on their favorite puppet and nothing will stop that.

They are almost at the tipping point, they know it and they may have played their hand too early - pray this is the case.

The economic situation may prove the downfall of this country - PRAY THIS HAPPENS, PRAY FOR A CRASH - because if things stay as they are your grandchildren and their grandchildren will live as slaves.

Catman said...

Hey Jen,

The soapbox is always open. I am going to have to put up a new e-mail address here on this blog though. I can't get into the one listed anymore.


Anon, I don't see how that would work. It is possible that it is another gambit being used to further fragment our nation's people.

Idaho, you betcha. And they're going to be even more blatant about it.

Sharon, always good to have people visit! Thanks.

Radio, if you've been listening to Ure/High (always liked that) from Urban Survival and HalfPast Human, they're putting the timeframe for collapse down to between July amd November.

Guess we will have to see.