Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Swing For The Fence

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I know visitors from around the globe come through here on a daily basis, and I'm sure the idiom "Swing For The Fence" probably doesn't mean much. It is one of the unique Americanisms that seems to convey so much more to an American than its simple definition of doing or attempting the difficult or near impossible.

Americans have always loved the underdog. We have always cheered on the little guy. The David against Goliath. We have an affinity with these people, because we once walked in their shoes.

And this day, we find ourselves in that position again. All of us common men and women are underdogs waging a battle against an implacable foe. The evil formed by the unholy union of government and corporations.

Those in power, it seems, will do anything to remain in power. Already we have seen attempts by those who align themselves with the forces of evil call for invading and usurping Tea Party events in order to stage acts of violence in order to provoke a response from government forces. You can check out the information here at "Tea Party Warned Over Crashers" and over at Alex Jones' site (the man who broke the story and outed the individual responsible): Provocateurs Openly Announce Plans To Stage Tea Party Violence and also this piece Tea Party Provocateur Outed.

See Crash the Tea Party website here and compare it to this: The Real Oath Keepers

The "Real Oath Keepers" are not the Oath Keepers most of us are familiar with. See Oath Keepers website and compare it to the so called "Real Oath Keepers". I have to ask, do you see anything in the so called "Real Oath Keepers" site that does anything other than attempt to muddy the waters? I certainly do not.

In fact, according to GoDaddy, the domain wasn't registered until September of last year. OathKeepers has been around since March of 2009.

According to information found on The Virginia Gun Owners Forum, "Real Oath Keepers" is an offshoot of Subverted Nation. Warning - extremely anti-Semitic.

So, I have to ask you, what is the purpose of working to confuse the people who are trying to get on board and do something about what has happened to this nation?

Well, if someone needs to quell dissent, what better way than scare people off by showing them look alike sites or staging some event or series of events? Those who want to maintain their power will be all too happy to call in the military to shut down all efforts to maintain our right to assemble and speak freely. They will, of course, do this in the interest of maintaining "homeland security" and the public safety.

Special Army Unit Ready To Be Deployed On American Soil Just Before Nov. [sic] Elections.

Many pundits have already weighed in and stated that Obama and his henchmen will lose dearly in the upcoming November elections. What is the best way to remain in power and still have a cadre of people in place that are willing to ignore the people and the constitution?

Simply cut the public out of the electoral process. Am I saying that there will be no elections in November?

I think there's a pretty good chance that they will be canceled or postponed if some "event" happens.

If we find ourselves in a position where we become prisoners in our own homes. Unable to participate in any meaningful discourse. Unable to exercise our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, then those documents will have become nothing more than curiosities of history. Just like the Magna Carta Libertatum. It took several hundred years, but most of the provisions of the Magna Carta had been repealed by law, rendering it worthless. One of the provisions of the Magna Carta was Habeas Corpus.

You all remember habeas corpus don't you? It protected you from unlawful imprisonment. We used to have it here in this country too. Now they can just make you disappear. I'm sure Joe Stalin is so happy these days.

Somewhere along the path to Hell, we're going to have to make a decision. Are we going along with this, or will we try to regain our freedom?

If we wait much longer, there will be little more that we can do but swing for the fence.


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HermitJim said...

It will be interesting to see whats coming down the pipes for Nov.

So much mis-information being thrown out right now, we need to due careful due diligence, for sure!

Thanks again for the links to the downloads!

Anonymous said...

I feel that we already know "what's coming down the pipes", yet most of us sit and watch and do nothing.

Fear, I believe, is the emotion that keeps any of us from really doing anything. I think that our founding fathers were in fear, how could they not be ? They did what they had to do anyways, rather than sit and watch it all come down .

Our current situation seems to be quite new though. Never before in the history of this nation, has a dictator come forth and began enslaving us . Think about it. Yes, they have put through some nasty bills and legislation in the past but, none so boldly have come for our liberty as our current tyrant.

Will we continue to chat about it or will we actually do something, that remains to be seen. Whatever it is, we had better do it soon or it will be too late and all will be lost.

I love your blog, Catman and will continue to read it as I have for the last year. Keep up the great job, we really do appreciate your efforts.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Catman said...

Jim, always happy to help! Anonymous, thanks for the kind words.

Sorry about the last two comments. They had embeded links to sites with questionable content.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to talk about Real Oath Keepers, why not step up to the plate and read the Basic Training manual on our website? Why ignore what it is we're offering, and pretend your friends at "gate keepers" are the real deal. The website isn't there just for shits and giggles. Be a man, not a mouse. Who's really here to "muddy the water"?? Is it Real Oath Keepers who have a VERY SERIOUS message, and a VERY SERIOUS oath for our Law Enforcement and Military personnel? Or is it the false front "gate keepers" who's oath is "WE WILL NOT"?????? Why wouldn't you at least LOOK at what information is offered at ROK website?

Our Basic Training for Revolutionaries book was BANNED FROM PUBLICATION because it contains the COLD HARD FACTS in irrefutable format, i.e. out of the mouths of those who told them.

Your response to this message will make your true colors shine. You are either a REAL PATRIOT, looking for REAL ANSWERS, or you are the enemy of every American across the land. Choose wisely grasshopper. That is, if you even have the guts to post it. I'll be waiting.