Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hate: It is all about control


It seems to take up much of the Mainstream Media's attention lately. They're always running breathlessly to the Southern Poverty Law Center looking for that sound bite that will impact one group or another, causing a stir, causing a furor, causing fear, suspicion and distrust of anyone who isn't just like you.

And let's face it.

There isn't anyone just like you.

But these antics by the media and screwball non-governmental agencies like the SPLC make people gather around each other because on the surface they look the same. People gather around each other because they're all black. They're all asian. They're all hispanic. They're all white. They do it because it is what they've been conditioned to do.

It is time to break this habit, and realize what is being done to you.

The media likes to make it seem that all blacks are the same. All asians are the same. All hispanics are the same. All whites are the same. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Think about it. What pops into your head when the media says "black man"? I'll bet it wasn't George Washington Carver, one of the greatest AMERICAN innovators in agricultural science, or how about AMERICAN Benjamin Banneker?

-OR- Did you think of Obama, or Louis Farrakhan? Maybe some rap star. You think they're the same?

How about when the media says "asian"? Bet you didn't think of AMERICANS Dalip Singh Saund or Duke Kahanamoku.

-OR- Did you think of that traitor Daniel Inouye or maybe all those idiots in "The Fast And The Furious"? You think they're the same?

How about "hispanic"? Was it AMERICANS David Barkley or Rachael Welch?

-OR- Did you think of Bill Richardson, another traitor, or maybe the guys from the local gang? You think they're the same?

And when the media talks about "white" people, isn't it frequently in conjunction with extremists and racists? The media even tries to equate the Founding Fathers with racism, slavery and discrimination even though the documents they penned opened the doorway to equality for everyone.

When some one says "white people", do you think of J.B. Stoner or William Pierce? No, but quite often the media points you in the direction of what these two men stood for, don't they?

In point of fact, when the media talks about any "group" it seems to be done in such a manner as to widen divisions and heighten tensions between groups.

You have to ask yourself, "why"?

If you want proof of this on-going brainwashing, check out this piece of crap written by the brain dead over at Newsweek. A Surge Of Hate: Antigovernment extremists on the rise - and on the march.

If you read this rambling diatribe, you'll see it throws everything except the kitchen sink into a piece designed to paint anyone who is objecting to what this socialist government is doing as being an extremist. There is no logical connection between many sections of the article except to "gin up" suspicion and fear.

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