Sunday, April 4, 2010

Home Made Stash

First, Happy Easter to all of you out there!

Have you ever broken a sprinkler head? I drove over one last week and after spending a good fifteen minutes replacing the confounded thing, I was left with something that my fertile mind figured had to be good for something.

This is what I came up with.

Disassemble as in the below photo

Discard these pieces as shown in the below photo, you won't need them.

Get a 1/2 inch sched 40 PVC plug, and cap the end using PVC pipe cement.

Next, get the three top pieces of the sprinkler assembly. Glue the pop-up head to the internal guide.

Then glue this to the inside of the cap. After which, apply RTV to the inside of the cap to seal it and make it water tight. Be sure not to get the RTV on the threads of the cap.

The view of the inside.

Notice those little plastic ridges that run down the inside? You can grind those down and get yourself some extra room.

This one ounce Chinese gold coin would fit inside if not for the protective plastic case. Since it is part of a proof set, I wasn't going to take it out, so you'll have to trust me on this.

So I grabbed some junk silver half dollars.

I managed to fit 50 of them in there.

All finished and ready to put in the ground to look just like another sprinkler head. What can you put in there?


Unknown said...

Very very cool!

Anonymous said...

Great idea for hiding something in plain site. One question, though: What happens if one of your crazy neighbors happens by with a metal detector? Yer phocked.

Catman said...

My neighbors would be using that metal detector on their butt if they were in my back yard....hehehe. I wonder if metal detectors work on lead...Beside, the silver was just for illustrative purposes. You could put paper currency that had been vacuum packed, drugs, even your spare house key in there.

mho1970 said...

That is a container that folks like me use for geocaching hides. There are many containers used for geocaching that blend into the surroundings that are able to hold things from small items such as a rolled up dollar bill to 55 gal. barrels. It is worth looking into if you need to hide something for future use or needs.

Catman said...

mho1970, geocaching. Curious, I didn't think you guys used such small containers. If you have a mind to, respond with other weather tight storage containers you use. Things that blend into the surroundings. I'm sure many people would be very interested.