Friday, April 16, 2010

Every Day Should Be A Tea Party

Protest. Wave the flags and hold the banners high. Shout until you are hoarse and your ears are deafend by the roar of the crowd.

Let the din of voices raised in outrage and anger fall upon the elected, the appointed and the self annointed. Let it be so that they can not find peace nor refuge from the cacophony visited upon them by the unjustly governed. Let us disturb their sleep, their meals, and their sanctuaries.

Let us hound them. Let us badger them. Let their families be vexed by our ever present calls for justice.

Insist that you not only be heard, but that you be heeded.

Our Constitution should be hallowed. But they have rendered it hollow. No longer will we tolerate their abuse of our nation's greatest treasure. We will no longer allow them to ignore it for their own benefit while using it as a bludgeon on those of us who respect it.

Our Bill of Rights should be venerated. How can something be held in reverence by the venal? The contents are not for sale, the ideals embodied are incorruptable. It is not a tool for those dishonerable souls who would see it changed from an instrument of liberation to one of oppression. A document whose unadulterated contents are reserved for a privilaged few, while "interpretations" are used to forge the chains that bind every other American.

This nation was not hewn from a raw continent by Testoni shod, Fioravanti clad corporate attorneys. It was built timber by timber, rail by rail by common men and women clad in canvas and buckskins.

Our contry's future was not tapped out on a word processor in a climate controlled boardroom by those who measure everything, including their children's future, by profit and loss.

It was penned in the sweltering confines of a small statehouse by those who measured everything by a man's word.

This land will not be saved by attorneys, powerbrokers, market traders or the elite. These men and women with soft hands and calloused hearts stand beside America's deathbed. Waiting for her to expire. Waiting so that they may ravage her corpse and loot what is left of our inheritance.

We can not, must not allow the effort to kill America go unchallenged. She is still alive. We, those of us with soft hearts and calloused hands, have the ability to save her. To nurture her back to health. To make her once again vital and vibrant.

And how are we to do this?

Those very ideals embodied in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and our nation's just heritage forbids us from taking up arms and seizing our birthright by use of force, except as a last resort.

How can we wage a silent war against those who have declared open war upon us?

Form your own "Solari Circle".

Pull your money from large institutional banks (like the ones that received the bailouts) and move your funds to smaller regional banks or credit unions. Look for healthy and sound local institutions here at or over here at Bauer

Many of us work for large corporations. When you deposit your money it goes back into a corporation. When you shop, it goes back into a corporation. Many of these corporations are linked. Have you ever heard of a "company store"? It is time for you to break your own chains.

Don't buy new.

Forget buying a new car. If you need a car, get one from a local auction or used from a reputable dealer. CarFax has taken much of the guesswork and risk out of buying a used vehicle. It may not be exactly what you want, but you are fighting a war and sacrifices must be made. There is a lot of inventory out there due to the economic downturn. I see cars being repossessed nearly every day. If you must have something and can't find what you want, enlist the services of a car broker.

Check out clothing swaps. Your efforts at containing your wardrobe costs don't have to be limited to visiting the Goodwill and Salvation Army. Also check out the many clothing consignment stores that are flourishing.

Grow your own food. As much of it as you can. Even if all you have room for is an herb garden on an apartment balcony. It is a few less coins going into the system that is working to keep you enslaved.

Walk. Ride a bike. Ride share. Carpool. Did you know some insurance companies will give you a discount for reduced driving?

The ammunition used by the forces that seek to seal us into bondage is money. The less money they have, the less ammunition they have.

We can defeat them by denying them their resupply by withdrawing as much as possible from the system.


Anonymous said...

Good points, Catman. Give them no rest, no aid and no comfort until we are successful.

Western Mass. Man said...

Well said Catman.
Keep up the good work.

Shy Wolf said...

Amen, Catman! Amen. Thank you for wisdom and actions that will work.

Anonymous said...

I started this blogging stuff reluctantly under my friends incouragement I have things to say but, blogs like this make me want listen again. Nice to know others are out there like me

Cuchieddie said...

Yep mortimers, there are many of us out here. And ya know what really pisses me off? I can't even by a 20 round magazine for my Ruger Mini-14 out here on the left coast and mail order will not ship them. WTF?