Monday, April 5, 2010

Are You A Collaborator?

I think as things continue to worsen, the established criminal class who run the banks, corporations, and the very government will be looking for more ways to curb dissent and force compliance.

They already have banned home Bible Studies. You need a permit. You need a permit to hold a public gathering. If it is spontaneous, they'll break it up, sometimes violently. They want to keep us all apart, keep us from networking, keep us from organizing.

As things progress down this path, it has become evident that what we have developing in this land is two intransigent polar opposites.

One side is the realm of Freedom.

The other is the side of Slavery.

If you're a "public servant", you have to ask yourself one thing.

Are you a collaborator?

Will you sell out your own countrymen to the foreign interests who claim ownership of much of America? Will you obey those who who would enslave their own children for a few coins? Will you enforce codes that go against everything that America has stood for since its founding? Will you sacrifice your life for a lie?

You're being lied to. They tell you that we are the threats, the terrorists, the lawless, the barbarians at the gate. They say we hate. That we're bigots and racists, anti-Jew and anti-Black. Our gatherings show you something different. Are your eyes open?

Barbarians at the gate, indeed. Have you looked at yourselves?

We don't invade your homes, separate you from your families, terrorize your children, beat and rape you. We don't murder. But we know you do. We have seen it. Too many times.

You enforce codes. You enforce contracts. You don't enforce laws, because what you do is contrary to law. It is contrary to honor, and decency.

You can hide behind all the fancy legal language and special codes designed to protect just you, not everyone - just you and people like you. You can listen to all the lies spouted by those above you. You can hide behind a badge and lie to yourself that what you are doing is right and just, but you still have to ask yourself one thing.

Are you a collaborator?

I'm not going to threaten you, and tell you that you're going to be shot. I won't tell you that your families will be forced into the street, beaten to a pulp and left to die. I won't tell you that some of you will be left hanging from trees, or suspended from lamp posts by piano wire. No, there's no point in me telling you that at all.

You'd just call me a "terrorist" and come and arrest me.

Maybe, just maybe, you ought to go look at history and read about the fate of other collaborators. After all, those history books were written by the masters who hold your leashes.

Maybe you'll believe them.


Mayberry said...

They push and push, then push some more. Something's gotta break. The web bot report said July will be a major turning point. Perhaps our "summer of hell" was a year later than predicted. Got ammo?

idahobob said...

Dunno if "Collaborator" is the proper term.

Methinks that "Quisling" is a more fitting term.