Friday, March 19, 2010

What Will You Do Now?

Some of you may be familiar with Dimitri Orlov. If you aren't click on his name and read the Wikipedia entry about him. He's an interesting character. Actually, I'd like to sit down and speak with him for an afternoon to garner some additional insight into his thinking.

Watch this Russia Today video. Its about 12 minutes long. Orlov has an interesting perspective having witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union first hand. Bear in mind the video is from March of 2009.

I think Orlov is being overly optimistic of how well a Soviet Style collapse would progress here in the United States. The Soviet Union, while not truly possessing a homogeneous population, had the advantage of antithetical ethnic groups being primarily concentrated within their ancestral homelands.

We do not have that luxury. There are groups whose dislike and even hatred for each other are suppressed only by threat of severe penalties visited on them by the government. Once that restraint is gone? It is obvious to many of us that some of these groups are only present here in significant numbers due to the illegal activities of those in Washington. We will rectify that problem in due time.

One of Orlov's marooned countrymen, who also lived through the Soviet collapse, wrote him a letter which was posted on ClubOrlov back on March 6. It is entitled "Corn Madness". I highly suggest that you read it. I understand that it can be construed as insulting, especially to those who hail from the South. That isn't why I suggest you read it. It is obvious that the author of the letter, Yevgeny, has had limited exposure to the real people of this country. If one bases one's opinion of Americans on the People Of Walmart website, its bound to happen.

I want you to see the parallels and this information helps you to prepare just a wee bit more.

If you have and hour and a half to kill, take a gander at "Social Collapse Best Practices". I suggest you watch the program in its entirety, but you can pick individual segments that are profiled after selecting "Watch Full Program".

Personally, I do not think we, the United States will decline and fragment as the USSR did. The Russian people are not the American people. We know who is responsible for this mess, and I think we aim to hold them accountable. I think it is going to be extremely unpleasant for those people when the Devil comes to collect for the bargains they have made.


Ken said...

...last paragraph sez it best..."we know who they are,and we're gonna get'em"...

" more thing Dear Lord,ignore their heathen prayers and help us blow those sum'bitches straight to hell."

(playin'catchup)...thanx fer the reads and linx Brother

chinasyndrome said...

YOU are right Catman we the people do know who is responsible and we will come to collect.


Anonymous said...

i am starting to wake up to what is really going on. US is done for in some of the stuff I am reading.

I listed to the guy at forecast for tomorrow too, he has been so accurate with all of this.

Radio Bloger said...

At this point I think our only hope is Balkanization the regions of the US have for so long been held together by a corrupt government redistributing wealth, farm subsidies, and suppressing regional differences and strife with loads of flag waving mind numbing propaganda.

I wrote a blog post on this when this first came out and I stand by my regional map.