Thursday, March 4, 2010

Got Guns?

I was talking with one of my customers and he mentioned American Survival Guide.

Those of you who may have missed ASG's hey day back in the late 1990s, before it became little more than a marketing tool, really missed out on a good magazine. It ceased publication back in the early 2000s.

Of course, the conversation tuned to guns.

This guy isn't originally from California. He wanted to know where he could go buy an "evil black rifle" since all he had were bolt action hunting rifles and shotguns. The guy is an avid sportsman and loves to hunt but he expressed concern over the way things were going in this country. He never really thought that he would need to use his weapons to defend himself and his family, but now he's realizing that he might just have to.

Shotguns are great for close quarters, but over any distance, who would want to be doing a waltz while everyone else was gettin' down to rock 'n roll?

If you're one of the folks that were on the fence about owning a firearm, and never were really sure what all the chatter over "assault weapons" was about, be sure to click the link above for "evil black rifle". This post on another blog site boils it all down.

Sadly, buying an "assault weapon" in California these days is limited to Law Enforcement. After the 2000 Assault Weapons Ban (Senate Bill 23 Read it here) even possessing a non-registered "assault weapon" is a felony. Yes, all Californians were required to register their "assault weapons" at the time of passage of the bill. My guess is most did not. If you want to read a short FAQ that will make you cringe, cry, or steaming mad, you can read it here at the California Attorney General's website.

If you want to know more on the subject and court decisions, check out A California AR/AK Series Assault Weapons FAQ.

If you need a flowchart to figure things out, check this out: California Weapons Identification Flowchart

I suggested to him that he might want to have a family member still in his home state look into purchasing one. When I read the law, it didn't say anything about "gifts", but he still would not be legally allowed to bring it into the state.

So being Mr. or Mrs. Law Abiding Citizen, you find yourself once again screwed by the State. Now that you've got a mind to protect yourself and yours, they've limited, or more like e-limited, your choices.

We, the "gun nuts", have harped on the fact that history does not lie.

In any successful totalitarian state, the serfs must be unable to defend themselves or be so limited in their choice of arms to be effectively so.

The 20th Century provides excellent examples:

Turkey 1911: Gun control instituted. 1915-1917 1.5 million unfavored minorities dead

Soviet Union 1929: Gun control instituted. 1929-1953 20 million who voiced opposition to the Soviet regime executed.

China 1935: Gun control instituted. 1948-1952 20 million who voiced opposition to the Communists executed.

Germany 1938: Gun control instituted. 1938-1945 13 million unfavored minorities dead.

Guatemala 1964: Gun control instituted. 1964-1981 systematic extermination of Mayan Indians. 100,000+ dead.

Uganda 1970: Gun control instituted. 1971-1979 systematic extermination of Christians. Estimated 300,000+ dead.

Do you want to join the parade of dead, or do you want a fighting chance? If you don't already own and know how to use a firearm properly, take some of your tax refund and do yourself a favor.


ErinAndBrad said...

Hehe - all true! I love by 'evil black shotgun' and she even has a name - Black Bertha! She loves to dance too!


Radio Bloger said...

Gun registration dates back to 1660's in England.

It is never a good thing, and always against our Constitutional freedoms but you may want to read this long article on the German gun laws - truth is stranger than fiction.

Clearly not pro-gun, but not exactly anti-gun the historian brings up the real history and it is worth reviewing. Even the early English gun laws were used to suppress some groups.

The use as an authoritarian tool is fascinating.

Staying Alive said...

I have taken the path of allowing myself a fighting chance. I would not have it any other way.

Very good post.


idahobob said...

And for goodness sake.....get out of Kali. I '73.


Mayberry said...

No "black rifles" for me, not because I don't want one, just ain't got the bread. But I'm gettin' pretty good with what I have, and when SHTF, that might just score me one of those "assault" rifles. Or better!

Ken said...

...Good post,i'll stay on my chosen path to go down fightin' mind is my true "Black Rifle"...when the SHTF,the acquisition of weapons will be of no consequence...
...a .22 will get ya a .50,the eternal question,do you got the balls to drop the hammer...?

Western Mass. Man said...

I'm working on building my second "black rifle".
Lower cost me 160.00. The full upper kit is between 5 & 6 hundred dollars depending on the bells and whistles.
Over all, 700.00 for a brandy new, home built AR is almost half the cost of a factory built one and they are the same.

chinasyndrome said...

Right on Catman I believe I'm gonna have to go with a fightin chance myself.


HermitJim said...

Glad to see that the man , like many others, has found out it's better to be prepared and not need it...than to need it and not have it!

Think about it as "freedom insurance" tools!

Good post!

Radio Bloger said...

I did a full post on my blog on the issue I posted about above.

It does not change the outcome nor even the calculations we make above about freedom.

What it does do is point out how .gov USES propaganda and how ignorance fuels this problem.

It also explains how the NRA can look pro-gun and be pro big-government statism at the same time.

You don't have to disarm the entire population - just marginalize a section of it and claim them as "unreliable" or "unpatriotic" and disarm them - all to the screaming approval of the "good citizens."

Now tie that into the current demonization of the "patriot" movement and you see where this is headed.

Get ready - it's coming.