Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Files For Carnage

I hope you enjoyed downloading and passing around the blueprints and CAD files for various firearms from the previous post. If you downloaded the file for the American 180 (like a .22 version of a Lewis Gun) and are wondering, "Great, I have a weapon, but no mags, now what?" Just check these folks out.

Here's some additional stuff for y'all to download. Now, I want to be perfectly clear on this. Most of what is contained in these little gems is illegal. If you build these devices and you get arrested because of them, you're going to be charged with multiple felonies.

There's questions about how effective some of these devices are, and how safe they are.

I'll be quite frank. A pop bottle silencer works with a CB cap and a .22 short, that from personal experience. A .22 LR does not. The bottle has a nasty tendency to rupture, sometimes violently. That also from personal experience. A few wrappings of black or green duct tape will enhance the safety factor. Oh, a 2 liter bottle works just fine for a .22 LR, but lets face it. The damn thing is bigger than your weapon and isn't exactly stealthy. So, exercise some common sense when you peruse these books.

I realize that many of us have already done many of the things outlined in these books. Yes, you do detect a very evil grin on my face, but some of us haven't. Let's face it, up until recently, some of us would never have run a stop sign in their entire life but are now contemplating the possibility of a violent confrontation with government forces. Some of us are wondering just what the heck we're going to have to do to be the one standing on a pile of black clad, jack booted corpses at the end of the day.

I'm not pointing these devices out to you in an effort to get you to build these things. I want you to read the stuff inside these books, and get you to think outside the proverbial "box". It is my fear that what is coming down the pike is going to be extremely nasty in some places, and you may find yourself having to improvise on the fly. Just remember your ol' pal Mr. Fire Extinguisher. He can be used for much more than putting out fires, especially if he's packing Halon.

Ol' Chuckie Schumer, Barney Frank, Bab's Boxer and the rest of the gun grabbing crowd think that "assault weapons" are dangerous. Wait until they get to experience the full power of the brain of just a single pissed off American. There is NOTHING in this world or in Heaven above that will save them from the most dangerous weapon Nature and God ever devised, the Human Mind.

Don't waste any time. If some lout complains about these files, they will get yanked off the server. Download now if you have a mind to. The files are only a few kb to less than 32 megs each, so the download time is short and the space taken up by the files is small.

So, get a blank CD or free up some drive space if you need to, and expand your horizons.

George Hayduke - Silent But Deadly: More Homemade Silencers From Hayduke The Master

Bic Farrell - Backyard Rocketry: Converting Model Rockets Into Explosive Missiles

Anthony Lewis - Bazooka: How To Build Your Own

Paladin Press - Black Book Companion: State Of The Art Improvised Munitions

Here's a personal favorite because it has was actually used as a blueprint for a triple homicide. I read the book back when I was in my late teens. It was a copy that got passed around a bunch of us guys and we all found it uproariously funny. This was, of course, before the triple murder. You can read about the murder here on Wikipedia.

Hitman: A Technical Manual For Independent Contractors

This was the best copy I could find readily accessible on the web, but unfortunately it is missing the images that were in the original book, and also there are some typographical errors. If you read chapter three, and wish you could see what was being made, some of the images can be found here.


Shy Wolf said...

LOL, Catman- I was riding with a Honey one time and she was drinking a soda... finished it, rolled down the window and threw the can out.
I stopped, backed up and picked up the can... she looked at me and asked what the hell was I DOING?
"Don't litter." I told her.
She waited a minute, thought of it and said, "You've NEVER littered?"
"Damn," she told me: "You need to get a life!"
Was sooooo funny.
End result of the ride, other than I didn't marry her, was that I feel so relieved now when I roll down the window and toss out a can, napkin, McD bag...
Thanx for the memory and chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Remember who is watching you and use some sort of security program while downloading from rapid share or any torrent site. I prefer PEER BLOCK 1.0+ (R320)

Just a heads up , as I was downloading these files, I caught several .gov's trying to see what I was doing.

Thanks, Catman for the goods !

Shy Wolf said...

Interesting comment, Anon... I wish I knew who was checking me out, not that I'm a 'big' threat to anyone or am blind to them scouring for people to put on their watch list.
Hey, Catman- I tried downloading them, probably did but don't know where the files ended up and get a notification that my puter doesn't know which program opens the files. Is this common, like I need something other than Adobe Reader?

Catman said...

Shy, some of the files are in a zip or RAR format. Visit to download a free version of this compression and decompression tool.

Anon, thanks for the input!