Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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I've watched the unfolding of the incident in Michigan that began over the weekend. I became peripherally aware of the Hutaree after following the antics of Mark Koernke and Norman Olson, Olson formerly of the Michigan Militia, but really don't know anything about the Hutaree or their member's beliefs or ideals.

Personally, I am troubled by what has come about. What transpired over the weekend seems to be following a pattern first openly established with Waco and the Branch Davidians.

It seems that elements within the government conduct these types of operations to gauge the temperature of the public at large. One day, someone somewhere is going to make the decision that enough people are apathetic and try to collar us all due to our lack of response.

When the Waco Siege first began, we were told the raid was due to illegal drugs (meth lab). Then it was child molestation. Then it was "illegal weapons". As each reason was given by government officials, it was refuted and rejected by people who knew the Davidians. Propaganda campaigns launched by the authorities in the nearly two month long siege intended to demonize and paint a skewed picture of the Davidians and David Koresh himself.

This weekend's activities in Michigan began with "sealed warrants". Then it went to the "making and selling of pipe bombs". Then it went to "threats against Muslims". Then it went to "firearms violations", and it seemingly has settled on threatening a single police officer who remains "unidentified". Now the propaganda campaign against "Christians" has switched into high gear as well as the ever popular activity of equating militias and patriots with violent anti-government activities and hate groups.

In reality, I think they were a convenient target to get the more liberal among us to stop paying attention to the telephone pole (health care) our representatives are trying to ram up their backsides, just like the Obama-rama in Afghanistan was designed to distract the more conservative. Rah-rah-rah, wave the flag and "liberate" the people. Jeez.

It is becoming clear that these tactics are starting to fail the oligarchs as the economies of the world continue to slide into the abyss. Civil unrest in Russia was met with a well timed attack on a subway. Who knows what will befall the poor people of Greece and Portugal.

In any event, you need to prepare for the unraveling. There are thousands of unemployed machinists out there in America, and doubtlessly they will become instrumental in providing the American Threepers the tools needed to free ourselves once again from the bonds of slavery.

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idahobob said...

And also, the controlled media has brought in the phrase, "weapons of mass destruction".

God spare us from the fools.