Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It may be getting "Chile" here soon.

The joys of earthquakes.

If you have never had the opportunity to experience a quake, it is something that is awesome. There is no other way I can describe it. I've experienced several large quakes, including the 7.1 Loma Prieta Quake.

Many people think me a bit off, and somewhat crazy, but earthquakes are exciting! They are also frightening at the same time. Imagine riding a roller coaster, like maybe "Son Of Beast", only the track is collapsing under you while you're riding it. Kind of like the buildings swaying and and stuff falling all around you as you try and mentally grasp just what the eff is going on.

Haiti is so yesterday's news. It just isn't sexy anymore. Face it, if all you saw were the pictures, you'd think it was a story about Mogadishu. Haiti now has all the allure of Rosie O'Donnell. Especially if Rosie was standing next to a Victoria's Secret model.

All the talking heads have moved on to Chile and are wrapped around the sexiness of a bunch of old folks in a bus attempting to outrun the tsunami that swept inland following the quake. Man, that was probably a scene that belonged in 2012, the movie.

Uh, yeah. They didn't make it.

The backdrop of a lush tropical landscape and once beautiful black sand beaches outstrip a perpetually impoverished sun bleached rock that no one has ever cared about. The women are probably more attractive and the bars are probably better in Chile too. So of course it goes without saying all the hairsprayed makeup wearing men are down there now rushing out to breathlessly hack out a story between the rounds at the bar and the hookers. Prostitution is legal in Chile.

So, why do I say it may be getting "Chile" here soon?

When the tsunami was rushing towards the coast, teenagers at the beach, locals, and harbor masters, took to warning people about what was coming.

By then it was too late for many. Many stories say that the tsunami came about an hour and a half after the initial quake.

The police and the Chilean Navy, who were on the scene in coastal towns, RAN AWAY without bothering to tell anyone what was about to befall them. What's worse is authorities broadcast on the radio that there would be no tsunami. Three came ashore.

Ah yes, another fine example of government at work.

People who work for the government are people. I'm not talking about the selfish, egotistical bastards and (C-word deleted) that occupy the Whitehouse and most congressional offices. The average government stooge is going to be motivated to look out for numero uno. Maybe their families if the kids don't look like the FedEx driver and the wife isn't trying to cut off the guy's nuts in divorce proceedings.

If you're the little guy, the invalid, the person living off of your retirement and social security, maybe drawing some form of social assistance, do you really think these people are going to stick their neck out for you? Just look at Katrina if you really need a reminder. Look at all the warnings about what was happening just four years ago when the housing market, credit markets, and stock market were heading to the stratosphere and some, like Gerald Celente, were trying to get people to wake up. Bernanke and others in the government were happy because they were getting theirs while leaving the average guy with empty paper. Even while they told you everything was fine, and the declines were minor corrections.

People are running around right now trying to get people to flee the coming tsunami. A tsunami that threatens to change the face of our entire economy, our position in the world, and the face of our nation.

You really need to take that warning seriously.

Start preparing. Visit AmericanPreppers Network or the CanadianPreppers Network to get the basics started.

We're looking at further disruptions in the food supply, continued economic turmoil, further job losses, dramatic cuts in state and local programs, the looming defaults of sovereign nations and even states like California, changing weather patterns, political instability, the threat of possible terrorist actions, megalomanical government policies, and all this while the people on the TV keep telling you we're in a "recovery" and prosperity is right around the corner.

At least this Sheriff gets it: Operation Exodus. Just beware of the biased language in the article.

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