Thursday, March 3, 2011

The World Has Become Insane

Crazed Man Fires Shots Out Window

"becomes unhinged" Pistol whips landlord. Throws chair and sneaker through window before firing wildly.

Woman Trashes Liquor Store

Police: Driver In L.I. Crash Was ‘Out To Commit Mayhem’

Man Killed Over Flatulence
Three others stabbed.

Bathroom Ban Leads To Riot At High School

Insanity, it would appear, is spreading. Are you ready to take care of yourself when confronted by out of control people and mobs?

I paid $115.25 to fill the tank in my E-250 this morning. Not fun.

Click on the cover to be taken to the download site. Click on the title below the book to learn more about the book.

Teardowns: Learn How Electronics Work by Taking Them Apart

If you've never worked with electronics, and wonder just what all those little pieces are, or have limited experience, here's a great way to learn some practical basics. With things being as they are, being able to salvage components to repair other devices could be a valuable skill for you.

Herbs and Natural Supplements

Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance: The .22 Machine Pistol

Handbook of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods


HermitJim said...

Thanks once again for the downloads, my friend!

We can always count on you for some good information!

Mayberry said...

The world has been insane for a long time. Now it seems that some are going plum feral...

Catman said...

Thanks, Jim!

That's a good term, Mayberry...feral.