Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Sucker Born Every Minute

The "Bernie Madoff" survival kit marketed by Black Umbrella.

According to the story linked below, included in the kit is a PVC raincoat which allegedly "protects against radiation". Uh....yeah....

And a big Sharpie to write messages anyone can read. Obviously, the well heeled are not aware of OpSec.

Black Umbrella is operated by Catherine Hooper and her fiance' Andrew Madoff, son of the now infamous Bernie Madoff.

Man, the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

Read the full story here.

When you visit the Black Umbrella site make sure you click through the links and read how little information they provide you on just exactly what they are giving you.


APN said...

Wow, I'd feel guilty selling the same package deal for $75! I wonder how much just the sharpie pen would go for separately? And people are actually falling for this crap?

Well, I did hear about someone one time who started a tumbleweed farm selling tumbleweeds over the web. The farm was nothing more than a photo of someone elses land with tumbleweeds blowing across it. I'm not sure what they were asking for authentic tumbleweeds though.

Here, I'll give a thousand times the amount of information for free. You can download all the files you want for nothing more than the time it takes to download them. And for anyone who wants the information free on disk, I'll try to include free shipping and handling as well, as long as we have the funds to afford it.

You can also go to for over 4000 free down-loadable survival ebooks

chinasyndrome said...

What a joke. Fraud once again!


treesong said...

Gullible, clueless suckers will fall for anything.

We who struggle ought to market the same crap. One way to get a little back from the elite.

Mayberry said...

The stupidity of the average Americant never ceases to amaze me...

Shy Wolf said...

Watched that on NiteLine last night- funny stuff. If you're rich and stoopud (which you'd have to be to buy their deluxe $2K package) you can get a wallet full of 'what to do if' cards and a backpack with marker and the company's phone number... and some flash cards to store your 'valuables' on.
It only went downhill from there.
$2K will get you some one-onone with a 'specialist in survival', which the woman is touted as being, too.
Laffed til I' cried.

Spud said...

At least a drug dealer gives you something for your money.
Seems the gov is throwing the wrong ones in jail.