Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Drums Of War *update*

US sends warships, and 1200 Marines to the Mediterranean coast of Libya.

Saudi Arabia sends tanks to Bahrain


US May Have To Bomb Libyan Air Defense Installations

Gaddafi Has Chemical Weapons and he's ready to use them - somewhere, I know somewhere, I've heard this before....



And the liberals here complain about kids drawing guns on paper. Wow. What perspective. These are the kids of our "friends" in Pakistan. I'm sure we'll be resettling "refugees" here and these fun loving little tykes will be in your kid's classrooms! Isn't that going to be so much fun?

It would appear that the USDA has finally awoken to what we've all been tearing our collective hair out over for the past several years. Food prices to skyrocket, riots could follow, suggests USDA. Wow, you don't say?

Is this why FEMA Requests Information on the Availability of 140 Million Packets of Food, Blankets, and Body Bags?


Click on the cover to be taken to the download site. Click on the title below the cover to learn more about the book.

Sutherland's Handbook For Bicycle Mechanics

This book is out of print and is considered to be the Bible of bicycle mechanics by many bicycling enthusiasts. If things keep heading downhill, bicycles may become more than just a weekend hobby. Grab it while you can!

The Four Hour Body

This book was recommended to me by a fitness freak at one of my accounts. He had noticed my slow, but steady weight gain over the past ten years, and the fact that some old injuries have really been aggravating me (I've ridden falling ladders down to the ground, fallen off of ladders, been in numerous traffic accidents, and have been hit by a truck among other things...LOL! Yeah, probably not a good idea to be near me when the shooting starts!). He said that the information in this book would really help me. I've been looking for a bootleg copy of it online. After his description of it, let's just say I was dubious at best and wasn't going to shell out bucks for quackery. So, I invite you to investigate this as I am planning to.

The Cannabis Grow Bible
Hey! You never know when you might need some renewable barter items, or unconventional medicine.

Optimal Control of Greenhouse Cultivation
Just in case you need to grow your renewable barter items indoors!


Spud said...

Funny that certain substances are never mentioned on survivalist blogs.
Must be that most want to bring the same rules and regs into their brave new world. Thereby creating the same crappy system once again.
MJ it seems to me is an excellent plant to have, post shtf. Many uses and grows almost everywhere.

Grumpyunk said...

Heck, it might pay to have a stock of Poppy seeds, too.

I've been looking into home distillation even though I don't drink liquor. Fuel for internal combustion engines and people -

Western Mass. Man said...

In response to Spud, I think the reason why most don't mention MJ and other drugs is because after the SHTF, we will be more concerned with just having enough to eat, and the well being and security of the family and not so much worried about the next time to get high.

"Must be that most want to bring the same rules and regs into their brave new world. Thereby creating the same crappy system once again."

No, I for one, don't care what you do, as most don't either, what you want to do during your down time. Just be aware that what ever you plan to bug out to or where you plan on staying after TSHTF, I hope someone doesn't have or need you to be able to hit a target when you decided to have some time to yourself. After all, for the most part, an attack doesn't happen when you are ready for it, it happens when your guard is down.
I won't tolerate someone in my location, who puts themselves first before everyone else. The me, me, me mentality of today won't work after TSHTF. If I lose someone because of that attitude, i'll be digging 2 graves instead of 1.

Also, don't forget, after TSHTF, Cheetos, Doritos, and pizza won't be available when you get the munchies.
A glass of water and a bowl of rice and beans probably won't do much for the munchies either.

Catman said...


Thanks for the link!

Spud, and Western Mass,

I am personally trying to prepare for two primary types of events. A rapid systemic collapse (the "Mad Max" scenario) and a gradual decline ("The Long Emergency" James Howard Kunstler).

So far, in my estimation, these two extremes are running neck and neck in the race to the bottom.

Anything else is between the two extremes and can be addressed by the adaptation of preps made for each scenario.

In a gradual decline, drugs, alcohol and other vices will be widely sought out by people who are either already addicted or just want an escape. Investigate the root causes and the social impact of Opium use in China during the British Colonial period.

I'm not advocating that people resort to playing on the vices of less fortunate people. What I am advocating is that people prepare themselves with a plethora of skills to make them more valuable to a community.

If you are valuable to a community, you're less likely to be messed with as everyone knows where the butter comes from. Tangible wealth only goes so far, but in less developed cultures, it was and is the people with the know how who were valued.

In Feudal Japan, do you know who was the lowest strata on the social scale? Merchants. Peasants, farmers, trades people all ranked higher because these people produced goods that bettered everyone. Merchants existed solely by profiting off the labors of others.

Contrast that to the world today? And who has caused most of the world's problems?

Eventually people are going to wake up to this fact and only those who can grow, build, make, or repair will survive in a situation where society has wound down from its once dizzying heights.

Spud said...

I hear you loud and clear, It seems that we agree.
Western Mass,
Seems that I didn't say anything about getting stoned. Obviously only an idiot would condone such behavior while under duress.
Although while in the far east long ago, I saw it used in moderation to good effect depending on circumstance.

Like you Catman, I am prepping for all types of different worlds which might occur.

Catman said...

Hey Spud,

I think we agree. :-) People should not be constrained by existing laws when contemplating the future and their place in it.

I'm not taking anything away from Western Mass, his points are all valid. Anyone who exhibits the type of poor judgement he outlines is a menace to any group and should be dealt with harshly.

Western Mass. Man said...

My apologies if I came off a little harsh towards you Spud.
The instant self gratification thought of todays society ruffles my feathers on occasion.

"Seems that I didn't say anything about getting stoned."

No, you didn't, but your whole comment was only directed at the MJ link Catman put up and, with this comment,

"Must be that most want to bring the same rules and regs into their brave new world. Thereby creating the same crappy system once again."

I had you pegged for a troll because of that comment. I get hit with and see many comments like that alot.
Again, my apologies to all.