Monday, March 14, 2011

May You Live In Interesting Times

The phrase is purported to be a Chinese curse, and the origin of the phrase is somewhat in doubt as can be seen in Wikipedia's entry on the subject.

One thing is certain, the times are interesting. And definitively, a curse upon many living through them.

The disaster in Japan, and its continued escalation with failing MOX reactors, volcanic eruptions, sea shores filled with the bodies of the dead, collapsing economy, continued quakes, dwindling supplies and general despair are the proverbial "I told you so" to the crowd of nay-sayers who have derided the Prepper movement.

I take no pleasure in tweaking the nose of those who would not listen, and in reality, are probably still not listening as this "could never happen in America".

If you watch the above video, you will see two of California's nuclear plants that are located a stone's throw from the Pacific Ocean. It is not hyperbole when I say "A stone's throw" as you can see in the video. They're also sitting on or near active fault lines.

These are designed to survive a 7.0 Earthquake as admitted in the video. Japan just experienced a 9.1.

Interesting times. Very interesting.

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HermitJim said...

I would agree, my friend! Very interesting times, indeed! Makes you wonder just what's next on the program, doesn't it?

Mayberry said...

These are definitely interesting times, and I'd call it a curse, so no matter where it came from I'd say it's right...