Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Untenable Positions

Things are bad.

Even with the window dressings of the winter holiday of your choice, everyone knows its bad, Even though everyone from Obama to the guy scalding milk in the corner coffee shop is pretending that tomorrow will be just like yesterday, they know its bad. Somehow ignoring the monster just outside your door seems the best thing to do.

I just don't get that mindset.

The old quote from Hoover, "Prosperity Is Just Around The Corner", is as valid today as it was in the Great Depression. Which is to say it is just a lot of BS.

Take a listen to the song of the same name. It was released some seventy eight years ago. Doesn't it sound all too familiar? The only difference between then and now are the number of social safety nets that have managed to keep most of the worst out of the public eye, that and a media class that has circled the wagons around the political class and works to keep the average American distracted.

I spoke with a friend of mine yesterday. He often walks past a charity that distributes food to the needy. On the door was a new sign. It said that they are no longer accepting new clients.

Bloomberg reported on December 8 that one in eight Americans are now receiving food stamps. That is over 32 million people.

States are trying to find ways to play hide the sausage with a very unreceptive public.

Hawaii wants to abscond with county tax monies, and find a way to float themselves a loan by not giving their citizens tax refunds. Article Here. Bear in mind Hawaii has already furloughed state employees, reduced the school week to four days, and reduced the number of health inspectors.

Look at the results. Video of rats and cockroaches rampaging in a market.

Homeless families camp along famous Waikiki Beach. Article Here.

They don't even have enough money to hold elections. Article here. That's okay, you were the last state adopted into the Union. Maybe you'll be the first to start voting with a cartridge box instead of a ballot box.

It is simply amazing. Las Vegas has a burgeoning underclass, maybe an "underground class" would be the right word. People have taken to living in the storm drains beneath the streets lit by millions of watts of neon. Article Here. People are looking to cash in on foreclosures, by stripping homes. Article Here.

Arizona is considering shutting down all services not mandated by the federal government. That includes the state's highway patrol. Article Here.

California is staring at a budget shortfall of $21 Billion Dollars for next year, 2010. Article Here. Personally, living here and seeing what is going on, I'd easily add another $10 Billion. Protests on college campuses resulting from fee hikes on students have become more ugly, and have even resulted in an attack of the UC Chancellor's home. Article Here. California found a way to float itself a loan by increasing tax withholdings by 10%. Article Here.

Every state is looking at upping taxes, and so are the Feds. The problem is there's nothing for them to tax from the middle class, because they've all but eliminated that segment of the population. The poor pay nothing and the rich pay nothing, and both groups have profited heavily from the middle, and we're about extinct.

The fact is, I could continue to cite some really troubling facts about the way society is headed. The disparity between those who have a great deal, and those who have at least something has widened by miles in the last few years. The distance between those who have anything and those who have nothing has widened by light years.

So far government programs and charity programs have served to keep the mobs sedated with a full belly, free medical care, free housing, and a sense of normalcy by replacing those embarrassing food stamp books with debit cards.

The money, and the class of working people, that made all of this possible is just about gone. Now the politicos are looking for ways to steal from each other in order to continue this stupid game. They want to keep themselves in power, wealth, and luxury and safe from the marauding masses who are just a few missed meals from taking to the streets.

Soon, even that shell game will exhaust the few coins left, and their positions will become completely untenable.

So, what does this mean to you:

We've said it all along. Buy bulk staple foods. Store water. Have an alternative means of cooking. Have a way to extinguish fires. Have alternative lighting and heating. Have a way to camouflage your home so as not to stand out as someone who prepared. Have a method of defending yourself and your family. Network with people you can trust. Start a garden. Even in winter, you can grow modestly indoors.

Have an alternative means of sanitation. That includes installing a sewage backflow valve. Why? Simple, in some places if the city is forced to shut off power to sewage treatment plants, stuff isn't going to be going anywhere. If you're on the low side and a head builds, you may wind up with a very unpleasant situation. Cities have already discussed abandoning sections and shutting off power, water and city services like fire and police. Cities are already shutting off streetlights at night. Articles Here and Here.

I firmly believe we are coming down to crunch time. More people and agencies are talking openly about civil unrest. Article Here.

Two years ago when all of this started becoming mainstream news, and not just the realm of kooks and survivalists, many of us took a real hard look at what was going on. We pointed out the disparities in our population, the lack of a homogeneous population, the grand standing by politicians, the giveaways, the protected classes, and coupled it all with some historical knowledge. The results pointed to the potential for a very ugly situation.

As usual, the people behind the nice shiny desks wearing thousand dollar suits, called us crazy and alarmists.


idahobob said...

Ah yes, those tin foil hatted, conspiracy theorists.

Funny, how what we have been saying for years, is a commin' to pass.

Y'all need to get your spiritual houses in order, cause if your life ain't surrendered to the lordship of Jesus Christ, in the long run, any and all of your preps will be for naught.


Mayberry said...

Well I'm trading in my tinfoil hat for a boonie hat. And a full field getup. Game on...

HermitJim said...

Well, They can't take anything from me...cause I got nothing left to give! They would be milking a dry cow!

An old, old song from long ago said "Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!" Rings pretty true right about now!

Anonymous said...

I think they love all these people on food stamps. You can control hungry people. They get them on the program and then will reduce their food, til the masses will say yes to anything for a full tummy. One more way to bring in tyranny.