Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bankers Got A Gun

Lugubrious Game

The world today has taken a surrealistic edge to it. Everyday is like a painting by Salvador Dali.

Frankly, I'm amazed that people haven't gone insane, but maybe they have and that's why things keep staggering along. Every time I venture forth into the world either in real life, or via the internet or some other form of media, I'm convinced I have walked into a nut house.

People have often voiced the phrase, "Where is God....". Any of you who happen to be parents know there comes a time when your kids are bent on self destruction. A time where in spite of all your work and planning, sacrifice and example, words and discipline, they're just going to go and do something because they can.

You know what the outcome will be, and you just have to step back and let it happen. Depending on the type of person you are, you may be hoping that there is something left to salvage.

Perhaps God has decided this is the best course of action. One kid is enough for me. I'm dubious about families that have more than two. Can you imagine trying to ride herd on roughly seven billion? Then you've got various factions within that seething, tumultuous, violence ridden day care center all screaming at you to punish so and so for whatever transgression is perceived.

Yeah, God is out for a nice afternoon stroll while the kids burn the house down around themselves.

I can't blame Him.

So, along comes this story from Bloomberg: Arming Goldman With Pistols Against The Public

It seems that bankers or their minions have been reading some of the blogs or have somehow come to realize how really pissed off the public is over what they have done.

You guys and girls over there at Goldman Sachs need to realize that a pistol isn't going to save you from an angry mob. A mob that is probably better armed, better trained, and more motivated than you. Not to mention, you'll probably be overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

Whatcha got in that thing? 7, 10 rounds? Maybe 16 rounds in a double stack? How's that going to help you against the guy playing Lee Harvey Oswald in the window across the street?

You also need to realize that the people who are going to go after you, will probably go after your families when you aren't around. You might survive the killing concrete canyons of Manhattan only to be driving that Bentley of yours up the nice driveway to a smoking ruin of a home. I'll let your imagination paint a picture of the fate of your family.

Don't forget all those people in your own neighborhood that you, your wife, and your kids marginalized or looked down upon. Some of them may not be very Christian when it comes to overlooking your past attitude.

I find it curious that a group of people who have for all appearances have relied upon others to take care of their mundane needs have taken it upon themselves to attempt to look after their own safety. I would think they'd enlist the ranks of America's newest growth industry, private armies such as Xe.

Perhaps they know more than they're letting on. Are we closer to a collapse than they want to admit? In a true collapse all bets are off the table, and contracts are meaningless. You will be literally on your own. Any right thinking individual, regardless of contract, will be headed home to take care of his own, thirty pieces of silver be damned.

To the banksters out there, you're late to the game, and we own the field.

This is one field you can't buy.


Loco Gato said...

I think the aliens,( no not mexican), have done a mind mold with the masses. I agree, everyday I leave the property, I am met by the most crazy single digit people I have ever ran across! Soon, the cat will be ready, then I can sail around with other mind numbed folks! No all kidding aside,sorta, it's just people are not paying attention to their world, country. state and lives. Those of that live in Mexifornia are a tad used to the craziest place in the country. The open sea calls! South Pacific is where I'll be posting from soon, unless the is a total collase and the sats are out. I'll be posting about using a boat for a BOV latter this week.

Loco Gato
Be safe, be free

Ken said...

...probably could count on 'the elite' using mercs(loosely termed)...
owning a 'gun' won't help their cause none tho...

...a truck full of select fire weapons aint worth shit if they don't know what end of the shooters are dangerous...