Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tips, Tricks, and Work Arounds For Survival

Boiling Water In A Plastic Bottle: Trails.Com

Solar Water Heater Uses 2 Liter Bottles: Instructables.Com

Improvised Water Bag: Survival Resources

Mini Survival Crash Course: The Widening Gyre

Find Emergency Insulation In The Wild: Hellium

Improvised Clothing and Protective Items: Nuclear War Survival Skills

Build A Fire With a Can Of Coke And a Chocolate Bar: Wildwood Survival

9 Ways To Start A Fire Without Matches: The Art Of Manliness

Common Wild Edible Plants, Part I: Hubpages.Com Links to subsequent parts of the article at the bottom of each page just above the comment section.

Build An Oil Lamp That Runs On Used Cooking Oil: Judy Of The Woods

Ammunition Box Oven: SAS Survival Guide

Home Made Toilet: Trails.Com

Fox Hole Radio: Bizarre Labs <-Would be fun for kids of all ages

I've put up quite a few links to sites that have some really good information. It isn't meant to be comprehensive. The folks who have been around for a while may know some or all of this stuff, but the folks just getting started may find it useful.

The Old Timers may find other ideas they can use looking at other areas on those sites.

I've also, finally, updated the jukebox. It's kind of a 90's Dance Party Theme, so enjoy!

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