Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Baby Named Jihad.

I've been sidelined for a few days due to work, a computer that decided that one of the processors was going to run at 100% for no readily identifiable reason, and a cold.

I've ruminated quite a bit these past few days on the past eleven months and 10 days. A few more days and we'll be staring 2010 in the face. Something tells me this New Year's Baby is going to be one ugly mofo. More than likely it will emerge wearing a towel around its head and waving a saif. We'll call the little bastard, "Jihad".

Yeah, so call me a "racist" if it makes you feel better or morally superior. I'm quite immune to that kind of knee jerk, thoughtless, infantile retreat to the high ground of "argumentum ad hominem".

So, how did yours truly come to this, hopefully, wrong conclusion? Believe me, I hope I am wrong.

"Escalation, my dear Watson." Holmes actually said, "Exactly, my dear Watson." Often misquoted as "Elementary, my dear Watson". I love corrupting classic literary works. You should hear some of my song re-writes.

My wife hates those.

Especially the Christmas tunes.

Targets of bomb throwing Muslims used to be someplace half way around the world. Many times it was someplace many of us Americans stumbled across only on a map and only if we had a sadistic geography teacher. Often the incidents would involve groups of people we had no idea existed. We were lucky to see photos of these enigmatic and exotic peoples in National Geographic as we looked for the pictures of topless native women.

Over the years, the attacks have moved closer to here at home. US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Khobar Towers in Saudia Arabia. Marine barracks bombing in Beirut. Various nightclubs. Various Airline bombings. The El Al ticket counter at LAX. The first bombing of the World Trade Center, and 911. The DC Sniper case. The four Seattle cops gunned down just a few days ago. The Fort Hood Massacre.

And who could forget my personal favorite, "The Shoe Bomber"

This is just a partial list. There are probably other cases where Muslims were the aggressors, but we'll never know because being one of the current protected classes, I'm sure everything is being done to cover these things up and keep them away from the public.

Excuses are being made at every turn for these criminals who march under a Black flag. Hasan, the Fort Hood Shooter, has been described as everything from a "man of God", to someone who opposed war, to a victim of a hate crime.

We've hauled dirtbags up from Guantanamo and given them the protection of our Constitution. Something they'd like to see destroyed and replaced with Sharia Law. Read about this crap at the Council On Foreign Relations website.

Even the generally liberal citizenry of Canada, God bless 'em, are scared of the stupidity that is running free in this country. Read the Canada Free Press article "The Islamification of America, and the Emasculation of the US Military".

Let's face it.

The goal of the followers of Islam is world domination. They've tried it before, and Charlemagne put an end to it. The Ottoman Empire worked to expand Islam, but World War I ended that dream.

Let us be perfectly clear on this point. Their version of a one world government doesn't have any room for anyone who isn't a Muslim. They are a threat to every belief system in the world, including atheism. They are a threat to anyone who does not think and believe as they do.

They will not admonish you, and send you to your room to think about things without your dinner.

They will simply kill you. Most likely by sawing your head off with a dull knife.

Here we are again. Facing the same enemy and fighting the same war.

Does anyone know what happens when you show weakness in the face of the enemy?

Ask Hitler. He took a look at everyone's weakness and lack of resolve and ran with it. At the end of it all, an estimated 61 Million people died. I wonder sometimes if Hitler was a closet Muslim. Their hatred of Jews is comparable, and Arabs and Muslims flocked to support him.

Look! It's everyone's favorite oppressed Arab minority group, the Palestinians!

Ah, come on man! That's ancient history! You can't suggest that Muslims of today are like Adolf's old buddies!


Think its a fluke? How about this one?

What do you think the opinion of the oppressed women of the Muslim world is?

Here we are today with Fascists running our government, a closet Muslim president, and a corporate aristocracy that believes they are above it all. Islam has gained more than a toe hold in this country, its jammed the door open. Reports are rampant that "terrorists" (really Muslims) continue to exploit an essentially open southern border to traffic people and weapons.

I think we will see a continued escalation of attacks within the borders of the United States by Muslims. Attacks that will serve two purposes, one to advance their own agenda, and two to advance the agenda of a fascist government bent on stripping what is left of the old America away.

Their numbers increase daily through high birth rates, legal and illegal immigration, aided and abetted by a do nothing government. The media says nothing afraid of being called names, politicians say and do nothing afraid of offending a potential voting block.

What do you think will happen when police agencies start seeing large numbers of Muslims within their ranks? Hospitals? Schools?

Your own damn city council.

You think putting up a creche is risky now in "multicultural" America. In a few years, it could be a death sentence.


idahobob said...

And just one more non-p.c. statement from one whose life is surrendered to the lordship of Jesus Christ....

The Moslem "religion", is satanically inspired and driven.

Think on that one for a while.


Anonymous said...

That IS a striking connection. Thanks for the work. Sadly, our past is apparently our future.


idahobob said...



Radio Bloger said...

National Socialism - what can make Protestants, Catholics, Hindi, Sikh, and Muslims come together with arms?

It was a truly unusual manifestation of politics.

And I agree "Sigh" history is stranger than propaganda, to be honest if you were to write history as a novel - no one would buy it because it is too far fetched...