Monday, December 21, 2009

Held Hostage In The Land Of The Free

We, the American Public, are being held hostage in our own land.

There's no other way to put it. We entrust people with a tremendous amount of power, send them off to Washington DC, and expect them to reflect the will of the public at large. Instead these elected officials extend the middle digit of not one, but both hands, in our direction whenever we shout our opposition to their nefarious plans.

Once they're in, they seem content to ignore us and call us unflattering names when we object. They only way they seem to leave office is feet first, ala Ted Kennedy.

No, we're chattel to them. Cash cows to be milked and managed to ensure their accustomed lifestyles.

We're penned in by laws and politically correct speech. Held hostage by our own sense of what is right, just, and fair.

How many of you remember the Quiz Show Scandals and Payola Scandals of the 1950's? If you boil these low points in American cultural history down to the lowest common denominator, its comes down to "pay to play".

Just like the radio stations and quiz shows of the 1950's, the House and Senate have become nothing more than an second tier auction house. A place to hawk less than palatable wares. A place where you can pay to have your favorite piece of legislation aired, and sold, to the public.

Over the weekend, in the middle of the night (the preferred venue for criminal activities), the Senate managed to get the needed votes to end cloture on the Senate version of the Health Care overhaul Obama so desperately needs to prop up his image as an effective leader.

So how did the desperate Fellow Travelers of Obama manage to get the needed votes?

They bought them.

That's right. They gave away more of your money in order to get people to vote "aye" on getting this tyrannical usurpation of power out of debate. Read who got what and how much at Fox.Com: The Price Is Right? Payoffs For Senators Typical In Health Care Bill.

Now understand they were paid OVER A BILLION DOLLARS just to END DEBATE!

How much more do you think they'll hold out for when it comes to actually vote for the bill and put it into law?

This is extortion, and bribery. Plain and simple. It's two criminals sticking each other up in a dark alley. They realize they don't have enough to pay each other so they go round up a few citizens to rob. The few citizens are people like you and I. How many generations out have we financed all this crap just so some ill prepared, self indulgent "I Want It All Now" Marin County type baby boomers can get free Viagra?

Watch that link to the "I Want It All Now" video. It's only part of the original NBC hit piece on Marin County, but it gives you an idea of what may be motivating some of the politicos from the San Francisco Bay Area. After all, that's where Senator "Babs" Boxer comes from. Right across the Golden Gate Bridge from that nutjob Nancy Pelosi.

Yes, I grew up there. Yes, it was like that, and it's probably worse by now. My neighborhood was probably the inspiration for "Swingtown". Oh, yeah, don't think the kids are stupid and don't know what the hell is going on.

This is ludicrous!

Where are the RICO Statutes?

I'm tired of this crap, and I'm sure most of you are as well.

Visit: Get Out Of Our House

Let's get some regular people in there, and send the carpetbaggers packing.

We can hope, but many of the entitlement class are all to willing to sell their votes and the souls of future generations for a few coins tossed their way in the way of government benefits.


Bitmap said...

"We entrust people with a tremendous amount of power . . . "

That is the problem.

Electing people to do something will always end in disaster. If there was not the incredible concentration of power in the federal government then there would not be corruption. If you don't have power you can't sell it.

The majority of people in this nation have decided that they want to use the government as an extension of their own desire. They want to use it to do things to others, take things from other people, and force other people to do things. As long as we all agree that this is what we want, then this is what we will get.

In fact, even if the majority of the people decided tonight that this is not what they want it might be too late to change it.

Mayberry said...

It's never too late to change things, people just need the backbone and the resolve to stand up and change it, instead of cowering in their little comfort zone, afraid to risk anything to secure their Freedom. Well I got a New Year's resolution folks, and that resolution is to starve the beast in any way I possibly can. To hell with the banker endorsed "American Dream", and submission to tyrannical edicts from the "axis of evil" that currently occupies Washington DC.

I will not be pushed around any more. I am invoking my rights as a Free individual, those rights granted me by God, and no one else. There are no "priveleges". Only rights. And I refuse to compromise my rights as a human being. The war is on....

HermitJim said...

I don't even know what to say anymore! How some folks can continue to support these crooks in office and turn a blind eye to what's really going beyond me!

Just makes me sick, it really does!

chinasyndrome said...

Damn brother,you nailed it. Vote em all out, or throw em all out. we need real people not politicians. None of em listen to the people!

Mayberry said...

Vote hell, let's starve 'em out. I'd like to start a new campaign called "Married Plus Nine". Heh heh heh.....

Anonymous said...

well Catman you hit the nail on the head again.Now we the middle class of this nation need to get our act together once & for all and get rid of these leeches,by hook or crook,show no mercy,either vote em out or do away with em.