Monday, December 28, 2009

Of Suicide Bombers and Government Officials

One of these days Mohammed is going to realize that getting explosives onto planes is going to lose its sting as an instrument of terror. Right now he's doing a good job of pointing out what an incompetent boob Janet Napolitano has turned out to be. But eventually it will be impossible for him to get a bomber on the plane once we're all forced to receive a pre-boarding enema and stomach pump. Then fly to our destinations naked, blindfolded, and handcuffed to our seats.

In the meantime, he's sacrificing his pawns to force the shifting of more resources to safeguarding aircraft and air terminals. You might say the terrorists have won this round. They showed how weak and ineffective American laws and law enforcement are at preventing such an incident. Also, these resources are no longer available for other venues. But then, maybe its part of his plan. Draw off the guards and leave another target vulnerable.

Anyone wanna go to the mall?

The world often laughs at how myopic Americans are, how obsessed we are with the handicap of the nonsense called "fairness" and its ugly step-sister "tolerance", and they laugh at our notorious short term historical memory.

What they often overlook is the fact that they are laughing at the same people the ThreePers are pissed off at. As an aside, a "ThreePer" is most accurately called a "Three Percenter" and is a reference to the estimated three percent of the population that actively supported the American War Of Independence. I prefer "ThreePers" because it sounds like "The Reapers", and believe me there will be alot of reaping to be done to those who have sown so much evil in this land.

We seemingly careen from one war, one crisis to another without having learned a damn thing from history. Fairness is for the playground, for a friendly game of checkers, or a roll of Liar's Dice played by the old men down at the corner cafe. Tolerance is what we have so far exercised for the fools who continue to strip us of our Liberties while exposing us to risk. These two ideas have no place on the world stage where everyone, including your "friends" are trying to steal from you or use your military power or influence to improve their own position.

Something to be aware of that the media and the government continue to lie to you about in the name of "fairness" and "tolerance":

Psychology Today had an article called "Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature" It cites Oxford University sociologist Diego Gambetta, editor of Making Sense of Suicide Missions, as stating when religion is involved in a suicide mission, the bomber is always Muslim.

It isn't like those of us with some modicum of common sense didn't already realize this, but when a journal such as Psychology Today and a prestigious institution such as Oxford University venture out into a politically correct minefield to tell people the truth you would think the PC crowd would rethink their position.

Ah, I know, wishful thinking.

But at least you don't have to feel guilty about what you instinctively knew.

Speaking of being made to feel guilty.

Read this, "Take All Prisoners: Your Conscience, the Sociopath's Weapon of Choice".

Now, I want you to keep this in mind every single time a politician opens his or her mouth to berate the public at large for standing in the way of whatever it is that he or she is trying to do.

Have you noticed that politicians, from Obama on down, corporate heads, and union leadership no longer try to explain why they want or need to do something?

If you do not immediately step up and join them, they first try and make you feel guilty, "it is for the children" - remember that crap? Then they resort to name calling and trying to cow you. Then they resort to force.

Now you know why. You're dealing with the mentally ill.

God help us, the inmates are truly running the asylum.

Update: The American Preppers Network is in Newsweek: Read Article Here.


Radio Bloger said...

How do we know this has all been a bunch of incompetent patsies guided by NSA, CIA or foreign spooks like Mossad?

Little effective results with lots of propaganda results.

Want to cause REAL problems - they are simply picking stupid targets with little real effect.

Imagine if they WERE guided and trained by REAL experts...

Catman said...

Hey Radio, nice to see you. I hope you're enjoying the season.

You know, I read a disturbing article over at the Daily Mail ( ), and I really do wonder if this was all just an attempt to stampede the cattle. Maybe get them to stop paying attention to Health Care Reform.

Radio Bloger said...

In our country's weakened state I worry about a group be-bopping over the Mexican border with a nasty thing from the former Soviet Union with a few long range rocket poppers and having REAL training...

that I worry about...

Finding idiots willing to do stupid things is too easy, I worry about real professionals picking real targets like refineries or the like.

Radio Bloger said...

Thanks for the well wishes, I am trying to enjoy this last bit with the family, before more work...

The Christmas family stuff is always great...

chinasyndrome said...

Have to agree with Radio,just a bunch of diversions keeping attention focused elswhere.Good post Cat,stay vigilant.

Catman said...

Hey Radio,

Yes the possibility of something coming across the southern border, especially with the current state of near death of Mexico, is all too real.

Reports have filtered out about "Middle Eastern" men transiting the desert Southwest across an essentially unguarded border. Backpacks containing literature in Arabic, and even Iraqi passports have been allegedly found.

In all, I think this nation is being set up to take a major hit beyond just the economy. I just don't think the PTB anticipated the amount of resistance to be still found in the American public, and perhaps its messing up the time table.

What all of us are doing is kind of like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle when we don't even have a reference of what the original picture was.

What we can hopefully do is anger enough of the torpid public to perhaps get some reaction other than just fear.

And of course help spread information among those of us who are aware already. None of us have the time to sort through the blizzard of information daily to sort out the real news from the fluff.

Chinasyndrome, thanks man! Hope you're enjoying the season as well!