Monday, June 1, 2009

Old Thinker News

I'm sure some of you already visit our friends over at Old-Thinker News.

In case you haven't had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with this site, you really need to head on over there today and check out this news article: Edible Vaccines And Flying Syringes.

Apparently the folks trying to alternately enslave, poison or starve us to death have come upon the idea of screwing around with the genetics of food and using it to deliver drugs to the masses. That's right, 'shrooms and good old weed won't be the only things that gets you high baby! It may just be potatoes that pack a punch of potent drugs in the near future.

On top of this idiocy The Gates Foundation just gave $100,000 to help modify mosquitoes to serve as "flying syringes".

Doesn't this just make the book of Revelation make you feel all warm and tingly?

If after you read this article, you aren't convinced that you really do need to start raising your own food crops using heirloom seeds, I do not know what will convince you.

If you haven't bought seed yet, head on over to Bullseye's, or American Survival Store to check out the various heirloom seed offerings. These guys are the real deal, and they won't rip you off.

Some of the regular readers will remember a couple of posts back where I talked about the user revolt going on over at YouTube. It seems that the people who made YouTube what it is (the users, and viewers) have about had it with forced corporate conformity.

Well someone has decided to give Google, and YouTube the finger. Chris Arnold (AlexJonesTV) has been instrumental in getting InfoWarsTV off the ground. Help spread the word, especially to the users on YouTube, and get folks to start migrating over. Some content that YouTube had previously banned is now appearing on the site.


Mayberry said...

All the more reason to grow yer own food.....

Anonymous said...

The food bill they are trying to push through will make it illegal to grow your own. What then?