Monday, June 22, 2009

Things Are Coming Unglued

I don't know if I was completely zoned out this weekend or what, but I seemed to have missed quite a bit of what's going on in the world.

But then again, it may have just been the American media doing their best to not report the news.

She may have been Muslim, but I asked God to take her into His realm, and comfort her. I really don't think God cares if we're Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or any other faith. The hatred and the divisions are created by man to serve the ends of men. They are not made by the Creator. So I don't even know if I should have said she was a Muslim.

She was young. She was beautiful. She was someone's daughter. Someone's future.

She was a human being.

There was no need for what happened to her. People demanding accountability from their elected leaders should never have their voices of protest countered by gunfire.

Iran has been in the throws of protest over a farcical election. Thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets in what have not always been peaceful demonstrations.

One protest over the weekend saw a young woman named Neda shot through the heart by government forces. Her death was captured for eternity by someone with a video camera. The video has found its way onto Facebook and YouTube.

God bless you, Neda. I hope you find peace, and that your death will mean something more to your country and your people than just continued bloodshed.

I'm not going to embed the video in this post. It is far too graphic for kids, and perhaps even some adults. I will post a link, for those who may wish to see for themselves. You can see it here: Neda's Video. You will be required to register and confirm your age before viewing it. If you're already registered on Blogger, your username and password work on YouTube.

I think I will see this young woman's face for a very long time.

I hope the Iranian people are able to rout the evil that is their government, just as I hope we are able to rout the evil that has become ours.

More banks failed over the weekend. An additional three banks brings the number of bank failures to forty in 2009.

CommodityOnline is warning of global mass starvation as the United States faces the serious threat of crop failures. The weather has not been cooperating with farmers (watch this shoving match in Fresno), and the high cost of production, plus the nose diving economy also has hit the agricultural sector hard.

This article has a good breakdown by the numbers, but he's trying to tell you how to profit from food.

Food shortages continue in Africa. Another story here: Uganda

Scientific American had an interesting article back in May about how food shortages may bring down civilization. It was written by a nay-sayer who has re-examined the evidence and doesn't like what he sees.

Our food supply is seriously messed up. Just read this. I don't know if I want to see the documentary. I went out to dinner with the family last night, and promptly got sick. I'm not even going to bother with eating at restaurants anymore. Half the time (not an exaggeration) I walk away feeling ill for the next day or two.

Someone tried to knock off the president of one of the Russian republics. Russia is having difficulty dealing with the collapse of the world economy, and additional violence has erupted in the restive southern republics. Russia has decided to withdraw all troops from Chechnya, part of the troubled area. This may signal a victory of a sort for the rebels in the area. In a related story, a human rights lawyer and a journalist were gunned down in Moscow. The lawyer had been working against the early release of a Russian Colonel who was convicted of the murder of a Chechnyan girl.

More areas are looking to break away from Russia, and this brings with it the potential for additional military conflict.

So, things are going to start looking ugly for the common man and woman in that part of the world. People like us, who just want to live out our, absent of government interference, lives in peace.

Al Qaeda is threatening the US with the use of seized Pakistani nuclear weapons.

More talk about building the Third Temple. If you are a Biblical "End Of Days" fan, this is for you. It means that the end may just get fast tracked if the right palms are greased with the appropriate amount of silver.

"Swine Flu" is on the rise as the southern hemisphere enters their winter and flu season. I ran across an article early this morning, but can't find it now, that talked about how rapidly the cases were coming in China, and Australia. If the spread does indeed seem to be accelerating, it could mean that the flu is mutating into a more easily transmitted form.


Anonymous said...

Things are definitely heating up.
BTW: That pic has your name all over it.

ErinAndBrad said...

Yeah, If I miss a day or two I feel lost and overwhelmed by all that is happening so fast I feel like trying out for a part in the Exorcist.
Great post Cat!