Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Watch Your Six, People.

Earlier today, the Washington Times posted an article outlining how Al-Qaeda seeks to partner with extremists in this country in order to carry out a biological attack. See "EXCLUSIVE: Al Qaeda Eyes Bio Attack From Mexico, seeks white militias as allies".

I have a real problem with this "news" article. Primarily because it isn't "news". The video has been floating around since February, and it certainly isn't an "exclusive" as the story has been carried by everyone from LiveLeak to Alex Jones.

Watch the video below:

We've all seen the crap that Napolitano and Homeland Security has spewed across the landscape about how everyone who isn't kissing the ass of Obama, and doesn't like the way this nation is headed, are "terrorists" and "extremists". They even went as far as including returning service people in their list of undesirables.

Napolitano and her group of dirt bags have done everything they can to get the sheep in society to view everyone not carrying her colostomy bag (Lord knows she's so full of it, she needs the extra cargo room) as being part of some grand terrorist conspiracy.

Click on the image below if you haven't had a chance to read the BS the taxpayers are being soaked for.

Now the boot lickers over at the Washington Times have trotted out this months old story as an exclusive, and I have to ask, "WTF is going on?"

The Air France plane that went down off of Brazil on Sunday was originally reported as the victim of a lightning strike.

The plane might have been struck by lightning. It's a possibility," said Francois Brousse, head of communications at Air France.

Earlier, Air France said the plane had reported an electrical fault via an automatic message that was sent after it flew through a stormy area with very strong turbulence. - Reuters News Service 06/01/09

Today, it is being reported that it was a bomb.

In all, it is just speculation as the black boxes have yet to be recovered, and most of the plane remains below the water. Why make the jump to "bomb"? There are reports about a "bomb threat to a previous flight", but is that proof that this flight was bombed?

Maybe the Air France plane was the contingency disaster for a missile that missed a Continental Express flight over Houston.

A Continental Express pilot reported a near miss on Friday as a "rocket or missile" flew within 150 feet of his plane. The report was just after 8PM, and at an altitude of 11,000 feet. Sorry, folks, but this isn't a model rocket which is what some are now starting to claim.

Back in 2005, a rocket was fired at a plane on approach over LAX. A Continental Airlines pilot reported a rocket in May of 2008.

Something says that someone somewhere wants to crank up the "terror meter" another notch. I have to wonder, "why"?

Could it be that something is going to happen later this summer, and the Obama Klan wants to be able to jump around and point at everyone outside their camp as being responsible?

If you read any of the financial blogs out there, most of the ones that called the current collapse we are experiencing are saying that this bounce in the market, home sales, auto sales, and consumer confidence will be short lived. In fact, some have called it a "sugar high" as a result of the stimulus spending.

We all know what happens when a "sugar high" wears off.

These same folks are projecting that the bottom is seriously going to fall out of the economy at the end of the summer. Some say that this will mark the beginning of a world wide depression that will make the Great Depression "look like a summer picnic". Gerald Celente George Ure Mish Shedlock Katherine Austin Fitz

I wonder if this is an attempt to get people to stop paying attention to what is going on around them. When the economy starts to tank (maybe 1-2 months before the ride over the cliff), a convenient "terrorist event" will occur.

Since Obama and his henchmen have laid the groundwork for martial law, could this be an excuse to implement it? Do they plan to use the incident to get a head start on serious wide spread unrest as the economy sinks beneath the debt of a century of idiocy?

Do they want to blame the collapse of the economy on us, the ones who have been the messengers warning everyone who will listen to prepare? Remember the shocks to the economy after 9/11. Are we being prepped to be the fall guys?

"It's a shame to waste a good crisis." Rahm Emmanuel


Ellen said...

I'd say you've hit the nail on the head.

HermitJim said...

I'd say this should serve as a wake up call...!

Good post!

Bitmap said...

I think you are correct.

The actual rahm quote is:

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

You can check it out on youtube.

Catman said...

Thanks for the correction, Bitmap!

Confessions, Jim, I hope I hope I'm seriously wrong and that people will be able to laugh and point at me and say "Remember when he posted....."

ErinAndBrad said...

Seriously an awesome post Cat! I have to agree 100% - they are sure doing a lot of stuff to distract us lately as we wait for the bottom to fall out. I also would like to know "who" was on the plane? Someone they really wanted taken out? I too think that we are headed over the cliff - we are starting the free fall soon, very soon. Call me nuts - I don't care anymore and as long as I can feed my family, the rest of the sheeple can eat grass if they are too dense to figure this out. We have been warning for months and some listen, take heed, and many do not. I will keep screaming it out but afraid it falls on deaf ears.

Mayberry said...

We are most definitely being set up, and I'm damn sure keepin' my eyes peeled for a false flag "event" to ramp up the government takeover of virtually everything. It's coming folks, it's coming. Lock and load.....