Saturday, June 20, 2009

Irritated By The Ignorant

The media has dubbed a couple of clowns wielding a handgun and riding BMX bikes the "UZI Bandits".

Watch the video below, and then make sure you pay attention to the still shot of the weapon in the hand of the "UZI Bandit".

Gee, does the silhouette look like this:

No. It doesn't. It actually looks more like this:

The weapon in the top photo is an Uzi. The one directly above is a MAC 10. The MAC 11 looks almost the same. From the still photo, one can see that the weapon is a MAC 10 or 11.

I may be nit-picking here, but this is the type of poor reporting and sensationalism that the media constantly engages in. It seems the police are all too willing to allow the misidentification of the particular weapon to continue.

The stupid bimbo is interested in what the BMX bike looks like. Duh. Its a BMX bike, one like millions of others ridden by kids all across the country. Maybe she would be happy if every kid found on one was thrown to the ground and tazed until they're cleared of being the culprits.

These damn fools on TV don't know if the weapon is an actual functional firearm, a replica, or an airsoft gun. This is actually bad for the "UZI Bandits" because someone isn't going to know the difference and waste 'em. Which could be good for the family of these two idiots suing the city for "wrongful death" because their prized little angels got knocked off by a cop or hundred.

Check this out from

Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detectives said the firearm on automatic mode can quickly let off a lot of rounds.

"The way that gun sprays, people are going to be hit," he said.

Wait a second here. Do they know that this is not a legal semi-auto pistol? Do they know it is an automatic weapon? Do they know that a legal semi-auto has been modified to fire on full auto?

How do they know this?

Does this mean the cops are in on this and maybe this is a plant designed to gin-up anti gun support?

I don't know.

Sometimes I just wish all the stupid people in the world would forget how to breathe.


Ken said...

...what about the addition of "high powered"

Anonymous said...

"And the band played on". Same band, same tune, damned near same verse.