Monday, July 19, 2010

Sometimes, you just have to wonder

You know that the collapse is accelerating when even the Amish have decided that law enforcement is a joke.

Amish Teen Flees Police In A Horse and Buggy.

I want to see the dash cam footage.

Caught on camera: Amish Road Rage Incident


chinasyndrome said...

If he only had a little more horsepower.


Catman said...

LOL, he should have had the car in the road rage clip.

1973 Ford Falcon XB GT, 351 Cleveland, 9 inch rear end. Aussie car. It was the platform for Mad Max's car.

chinasyndrome said...

Oh man I was in a hurry earlier skipped vid.That is wicked funny.I once had a 63 falcon,just sold 351c 4v motor.Sounds like you know ford stuff.


Ken said...

...BWAAHAAAHAAA...loved the vid,thanx Catman,i needed that...

btw,got a pic of the Mad Max Ford hangin'in the garage,tattered and torn...loved that car...