Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cache Of Outdoors-Magazine Articles + Files

There was once a magazine called "Outdoor-Magazine", not to be confused with "Outdoors Magazine" or "Outside Magazine", or even "Outdoor Magazine". The website is still up, and has some basic information still available.

Well, Old Jimbo was nice enough to archive all the how-to articles over on www.OldJimbo.Com

He even offers a direct index of the articles (<---click there ) if you just want to grab them and run without having to wade through the site. The index is in alphabetical order. He covers everything from creating your own survival kits to knives, and even the use of an axe. Definitely worth thumbing through. I especially enjoyed "All Kitted Out" by Neil Andrews

Now as to the files, they're all e-books, and they're all titled "The Survival Handbook". They're all by different authors, but cover some of the same material, and have some interesting takes on survival situations.

First there is The Survival Handbook: Essential Skills For Outdoor Adventure", Colin Towell

Download link is HERE

Next is "The Survival Handbook: A Practical Guide To Woodcraft And Woodlore", Raymond Mears

Download Link is HERE

And last but not least is, "The Survival Handbook: Learn the survival skills of the world's elite forces", Peter Darman

Download link is HERE

Please note that these files are not hosted by Blogger, or myself. They are hosted by publicly accessible file sharing sites. The files are easily located by using a search engine. I know some people are uncomfortable with my putting links up to the files, but in reality, all I am doing is saving people the legwork of having to look for them.

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