Friday, July 16, 2010

UPDATED - Articles To Read, and Stuff To Download

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I've been spending quite a bit of time reading articles on the web, and unfortunately, that has left a dearth of time to read other folk's blogs and comment on their musings.

It is important that we all take the time and look around and not just bury ourselves in what tends to support ourselves in our convictions. Sometimes we can be wrong, or become wrong as situations change. It's important to continue thinking, and re-evaluating our circumstance. There's a wealth of information out there. Avail yourself of it.

I don't know how many of you have ever heard of The Root, a website dedicated to issues of Americans of African descent. I find it illuminating to read what is foremost in the minds of a segment of our population who still, even at this late hour, sometimes appear to feel like unwelcome guests at a party.

What causes me to mention The Root today is, "Should Black Folks Give The Tea Party A Second Look?"

Recently, the NAACP has taken the Tea Party to task for allegedly being a racist organization.

We've seen the photos and videos of Tea Party Rallies where Americans gather as Americans. There is no racial divide, as it should be. If you haven't, check these out. One, Two, Three, you know what? Just do an image search on Google if you want more examples.

I have to ask, doesn't the NAACP have racists within its own ranks? The name of the organization itself is racist, and exclusive.

Time to grow up people, and start realizing this is just another ploy to keep Americans, no matter who they are, from waking up, joining together, doing something about this situation, taking back control of this nation and its destiny. The Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Fascist machine will do anything to keep us fighting among ourselves and yoked to a political system that offers us only a Hobson's Choice.

The article in The Root encourages its readers to look past the diatribe from the NAACP concerning race and examine what the Tea Party, at its core, is attempting to do.

While you're there, you might want to look at these two articles as well. Just for fun.

The Blackest White Folks We Know - It might surprise you who made the list.

Black Folks We'd Like To Remove From Black History - An interesting list, be sure to read the commentary.

Next, its on to Foreign Policy. There's dry analysis here. There's quite a bit of opinion masquerading as fact, and then there's some really funny stuff.

Funny: The World's Worst Theme Parks - The fifth theme park on the list had me rolling on the floor. Nothing like seeing how the other half lives. The really hilarious thing is this, if someone created the same theme park here in the United States, it'd be a mere thirty seconds before someone started screaming, "Racist", and a law suit was filed.

Joe Arpaio, wanna do a joint venture?

Not Funny: Post Cards From Hell

One of my regular visits is this section, Shadow Government. Check out some of the back articles.


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