Friday, July 23, 2010

Got Safety Glasses? They're gonna use lasers on you next.

The Empire is at it again with their kinder, gentler methods of enforcing compliance.

from King

Now they want to blind you. "Temporarily", of course.

Read the full story at CNet's "Technically Incorrect".

Now a laser is a laser when it comes to your eyes., and I don't buy the line that the company is promoting about it being safe. Website of the independent company possibly involved in the test: Neyvas Eye Associates.

Check out what Lasik Fraud had to say about Neyvas.

Another suit.

Another tragic tale.

Website highlighting more bad experiences with Neyvas and associates, and attempts to intimidate former patients left blind into silence. Included is a link to ThePowerHour with Joyce Riley. Listen to the podcast regarding an associate of Neyvas.

I ran across other stories and websites highlighting Neyvas. The websites that were not advertisements, or shill sites, seemed to hold Neyvas in poor light.

Seems like Laser Energetics picked the right company for propaganda.

Didn't Taser say its products were completely safe? The stories in the media about people having seizures and heart attacks appear to indicate otherwise.

So, what do you do?

Surplus military ballistic and laser safety glasses.

Maybe even these. Mirrored lenses reflect light, even a coherent light such as a laser.


chinasyndrome said...

Thanks Bro,hadn't heard of this.haven't checked it out yet but lasing eyes doesn't sound temporary.when I first started workin on a/c's they told us 24-36volts across heart could possibly kill ya.Not the elec shock it's self but stopping heart or interrupting rhythm.


Ken said...

...yet another item of "must have" importance...

Anonymous said...
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idahobob said...

Not just lasers. They can and will use everything in their evil little arsenals against us.


Anonymous said...
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