Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A License To Blog + Files

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Needing a license to voice your thoughts or opinions?

Yet, that's just about what happened last week when the United States Federal Government shut down an estimated 73,000 blogs. Obama and his henchmen said to the American Public, "I don't like what you're doing, and I don't care how many people we are going to hurt or inconvenience to shut you up."

And just like the BP oil spill, 9/11, Waco and Ruby Ridge, Kennedy's Assassination, Pearl Harbor, and any other coverup, they're going to keep lying and changing the story until they find one that "resonates" with most of the sheeple.

Is it so far fetched that in the near future, those of us who want to remain online posting whatever strikes our fancy, will need approval from The Ministry Of Blogging? (The MoB for short). Seriously, think about it. We have a mob, a criminal syndicate, running this country. Everything and everyone from the banks to the cops on the street hold us hostage.

"Now, Catman, aren't you being a little over dramatic?"

No, I'm not. Think about it.

Did you know that governments used to actually regulate paupers ( poor). The paupers used to have to wear a badge with the letter "P" on it. People who would hire them for day labor could ONLY employ them in certain trades. Anyone know the origin of the names "Bareman / Bairman"?

Oh, I'm sorry, did I say "used to regulate the poor"?

Believe it or not, what we know today as "welfare" has existed in this country from colonial times. It used to be called "poor relief". It was funded by taxation.

But there was a problem. this country was nothing but naked opportunity and only the intentionally indolent would remain poor. Even indentured servants from Europe and some slaves managed to free themselves from their obligations often within four years. That was how great the opportunity was.

So, how do you keep a class of "poor" around? To make sure money keeps flowing into the government coffers?

You make it so they can't get out of the hole.

Sound familiar?

Throughout history, governments have used various means to control populations. The reasons varied, but often came down to money, wealth, and how to get it to the top and away from the middle and lower ends of the populace.

Many of us know about the "Stamp Act" imposed upon the colonies by England. Often, the act is discussed only in its purely economic impact. The act was also an attempt by England's elite to reign in America's spirit. People were becoming too wealthy too quickly, and less dependent on the aristocracy. Every month, more people from all around Europe were flooding into the colonies.

How wealthy were the colonies? Women were living into their sixties! Those were "commoners" as royalty called them. That rivaled the life expectancy of the elite in Europe! Remember, this was the 1700's. The average life expectancy in Europe for the commoner was 35 to 40!

The Stamp Act was a social attempt to dampen emigration from Europe by making the New World less attractive to those considering it. If taxes were brought on par with those in Europe, what would be the point is risking your life making an ocean crossing, and having to carve out a place in the wilderness? Fewer people were also easier to manage, and trouble makers would be easier to rout.

It would also give time for the elites in Europe to gain control of the resources in this new land for themselves. As it stood, they didn't have a system of control in place, and freemen were taking what they believed rightfully belonged to them. Remember, the elites initially viewed the New World as a place to rid themselves of troublesome entities.

The elite also believed if people had less wealth, they would be more obedient to the King. A theory that had been proved over centuries of feudal rule in Europe.

England had, in effect, started a socioeconomic war with the people in the colonies. That war would escalate into what is known as "The Boston Tea Party", and eventually The American War Of Independence.

We have been gradually exposed to greater controls over the years. You have the RIGHT to own personal property. Yet you must buy a license to own personal property (You bought the car, but you pay the state for the privilege of owning it. You have to pay even more if you want to use it.)

You have a right to travel. You must have a license to travel. If you are unable to provide documentation to satisfy an officer of the state as to who you are, and why you are there, you can be arrested and detained. Now indefinitely under new "anti-terrorism" laws.

You have the right to own ARMAMENT (read the Second Amendment). NOT JUST FIREARMS. What is armament? Everything from an atlatl to a Zumwalt class destroyer. But the state will only agree to let you own some firearms. Depends on what best supports their position. That changes from state to state, county to county, city to city, day to day, and court case to court case.

Its time to recognize the whole "gun rights" thing is a red herring. They've already destroyed the Second Amendment and reduced everyone to wielding pea shooters.

You must have a license to wed. Marriage was once the realm of the Church. Look at the origin of the whole concept of the marriage license in English based law. Do you agree with that? Where are the nut jobs screaming about the "separation of church and state"?

You have to have a license to operate a radio station. Did you know that wasn't always the case? Seems too many people were talking out of turn, and it needed "regulation".

We could go on listing any number of things that are NOT the business of the State, but yet they're working day and night to take away your rights. They'll make them conditional, privileges, or just outright strip you of them.

This year, they've already decided to control your health and your health care. You're living too long after you get off that treadmill. The money you spend to make sure you stay healthy and live long enough to see your grand kids have families of their own, is money they think belongs in their pocket.

Hell, they're not even going to wait for you to croak before helping themselves to what you've worked for all your life.

A right denied is no right at all. A right undefended is a crime against humanity. - Me, Catman

Now, they've set their sights on "freedom of speech". King George tried to stamp out resistance being spread by pamphleteers. Now, the new Black King seeks to succeed where George failed.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it -George Santayana

Hey, just as an aside. If my blog gets classified as a "terrorist" blog like those 73,000 Wordpress blogs, and disappears, I want you all to know that I've enjoyed this. I'll find a way to come back, and continue it. It's been a singular honor to have you, the reader, come back again and again.


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HermitJim said...

Let's hope you and all of us are able to stay online! I, for one, would be very upset (pissed!) to see you get taken down!

Keep the faith, brother!

chinasyndrome said...

Catman,keep telling it like it is.


R3volution said...

We too have enjoyed your candor and insight, Catman. 3% read you daily and spoke of your infinite wisdom on a regular basis.

You never bend and you never say anything that you don't back up with a link . May GOD bless you and your family, Catman , we have all enjoyed reading your blog and hope upon hope that it remains intact for some time to come .

Keep it coming as long as you can brother !!!


Catman said...


You humble me with your kind words. Thank you.

R3V, I miss 3% and I never even got to meet him. I hope we all live up to his expectations.