Saturday, July 17, 2010

The End: Stories of TEOTWAWKI

TEOTWAWKI: The End Of The World As We Know It

Its kind of hard to see when you're living through it. Many people envision TEOTWAWKI as some kind of "Mad Max" movie or maybe a catastrophic event like "The Day After Tomorrow".

But yet, its here. All around you. The world of tomorrow will not be the world of today. Every day, the world we knew is a little further in the past, and something radically different is getting closer.

TEOTWAWKI has happened. Over and over, all around the planet. It's reach spreading like a cancer. Most people never noticed it. But now its in the faces of Americans, and its hard to ignore. Here's a preview of what we can look forward to.

Hashima, Japan. An entire island lays abandoned. You'd think that with the value of land being at such a premium, that would be unthinkable. Yet, here it is.

Yashima, Japan. An entire mountain top city lies abandoned. Shops and stores still stocked with goods for people who will never come.

There are cities all over the world that lay abandoned, from France, to Russia. From Italy to the Ukraine. From Taiwan to even here, in the United States.

Centralia, Pennsylvania is one of the most famous. An entire city is rapidly vanishing as nature reclaims what man had created here.

The reasons these places lie abandoned are surprisingly few. Mostly reduced to two reasons. Man made disaster or natural disaster. The man made disasters are primarily economic or environmental.

Today, here in this country, we are faced with some serious economic problems. For the people living on the Gulf Of Mexico, that is compounded by a serious environmental component, namely BP's oil spill.

As the economy has continued to slide since the 1970s, more and more places around America's industrial centers have fallen silent. People left. Places were forgotten

Roosevelt Island, New York

Michigan Central Train Station

Detroit School Book Depository

The decline really made itself noticed when, last year, Flint Michigan announced plans to abandon parts of the city. The cost of maintaining those areas was too much.

This year, we've already seen Maywood California basically strip all of the services away, and farm the police and maintenance out to other neighboring cities.

Now, TEOTWAWKI is expanding its reach beyond urban centers.

Road To Ruin: Towns Rip Up The Pavement

Its becoming increasingly difficult for small municipalities to raise the funds necessary to maintain roadways, and other services.

Competing Currency Being Accepted Across Michigan

Barter and hard metals now accepted in exchange for goods and services, squeezing out the once all powerful Federal Reserve Note.

Walmart Abandons Livingston

Corporations scale back and pull out of economically challenged areas.

In the past, there were places for people to go to. To find housing. To find work. To start over. Their world ended, but a new one began. Will that be true in the future?

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Western Mass. Man said...

Gots me to thinkin.
I wonder how much one of these towns would cost to purchase?
A preppers paradise.
Oh the possibilities.

Catman said...

Hey WMM,

There are towns for sale all across the country. Some are completely abandoned, others still have small populations.

What killed most of these towns was a lack of jobs, a falling tax base, and rising insurance costs.

I'd skip the town unless you could gather at least 200 families willing to pool resources and work together. There's infrastructure that would need to be maintained, and many of these sit on public roads, so the county and state would frown upon you shutting off access.

But I hear you. Indeed I do.

Unknown said...

I've been saying this for ages, what I don't get is why others don't see it. For those with the Prepper's worldview in their heads like us, it seems that we can see it as plain as the nose on your face, but for others, well, I guess the blind really do lead the blind.