Sunday, February 28, 2010

Your Thoughts May Not Be Your Own

There is a man I laughingly call "Uncle Ted". He has been documented to be a subject of a government mind control program. A program whose mere existence was officially denied for decades. Yet this project was still the subject of rumor and speculation, and is fodder for conspiracy theorists even up to this day.

That project was MK-Ultra. The man, the Unabomber himself, Theodore Kaczynski.

Harvard University and the Central Intelligence Agency have appeared to try and erase all ties to the program, but connections remain visible in the above links. A purported list of declassified documents can be located here: Declassified Mk-Ultra Project Documents

Mark David Chapman, the man who shot former Beatle John Lennon, is also rumored to be a product of government mind control experiments. Specifically a project known as Project Bluebird. Sometimes Bluebird is confused with Project Monarch. Project Monarch may not have existed at all and may be a disinformation effort intended to discredit evidence of mind control experimentation. MK-Ultra, Bluebird and Monarch should not to be confused with Project Chatter. Project Chatter was a US Navy effort to use various drugs during interrogations. These projects seem to stem from research that had begun with the Nazis.

Much more may be viewed here at this site: There are videos of Clinton apologizing for previous experiments conducted on American citizens, links to successful lawsuits the government doesn't want you to see, and some very disturbing photos.

The subject of government sponsored mind control efforts is a murky and convoluted affair, and up until recently, most talk of mind control has elicited guffaws of laughter or worse. However, one should keep in mind if a tale has the ability to stick around as long as this one has, in spite of the ridicule, there may be something to it.

Today, efforts to affect people's cognitive functions, awareness and perception of reality seems to have moved beyond using merely drugs. Electronic harassment appears to be the new form of mind control under testing.

These efforts are being conducted in the open, and have even been featured in stories seen in major media. This particular one from the Washington Post seems to try and paint the victims in a sympathetic light, while subtly nudging and winking at the reader. Just look for the reference to a victim actually wearing a "tinfoil hat". Yet, right up in the title, the Washington Post acknowledges the technology exists. Later the article takes a more serious tone, as if the author starts to realize the significance of what she has been presented with.

There is the system marketed by American Technology Corporation called LRAD. Most people associate LRAD with less than lethal weapons technology. However, there is a sister product called HSS, or Hypersonic Sound. This technology is able to deliver a tightly focused sound wave that only the people targeted can hear.

Holosonics also markets a similar device called Audio Spotlight.

The above both examples use conventional audio, meaning that you hear the sound with your ears. What follows is a particularly insidious form of electronic harassment. It uses microwave energy.

MEDUSA is an example currently in development that has the ability to allow someone to whisper into your head, or incapacitate you by causing shockwaves inside your brain. It would literally cause your gray matter to pulse in rhythm to the frequency used.

New Scientist Article

WIRED Article

I personally know this works due to an odd quirk that I was never able to fully identify. I suspect the volume of my skull provided a resonant cavity for the wave. In my line of work, we used a 915 Megahertz generator (microwave band) and I could "hear" it when it ran. No one else could hear it. There is no adequate way to describe how I experienced the sound. It wasn't coming through my ears, but seemed to be everywhere and inside my head. My co-workers called me crazy until I repeatedly demonstrated that I could tell them within 10 volts the amplitude of the signal and when the generator was in resonance with the antenna array. All without using test gear.

Visit Raven1 for a thorough introduction to the phenomena. Pay particular attention to the case of Jesus Mendoza. Jesus sued Attorney General Ashcroft and the US government admitted that they were targeting Mendoza, but refused to disclose why.

These activities have started to attract the attention of medical professionals. One such is Dr. John Hall (no relation) who has written a book called "A New Breed - Satellite Terrorism In America" He became interested when a woman he was dating became a targeted individual.

You can listen to a recent interview with Dr. Hall on YouTube regarding this subject. It took place on Feb. 8, 2010 on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory.

Click the link to be taken to the YouTube page with all the parts of the show.


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