Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3% 4 Freedom, Rest Easy

I've learned that a real American passed into the next world yesterday, and it saddens me deeply.

I never met the man, just read his kind responses on my, and many other, blogs. I'm not sure what the circumstances of his passing are, but perhaps we'll learn from others who knew the man personally. Perhaps Chinasyndrome over at Enemy Of The State will let us know more as information becomes available.

Threepers passing has motivated me to get back to trying to do what he was trying to do.

Save our nation.

I've been absent for a month and shirking my responsibilities. I've spoken with American Prepper regularly via phone and he knows the reason for my absence.

I'm angry.

More angry than I can possibly explain in words, and that anger has led to a kind of writer's block. I could come on here and scream my frustrations and it would be fruitless and in vain. I've started many posts over the past month, and abandoned each of them because they just seemed pointless in a way. It became necessary to avoid the news, and my fellow bloggers, for a large part because I was finding myself awakening in the middle of the night and staring at the darkened sky with this sense of foreboding. It would wrap itself around me like a damp blanket and cause me to fear for all of us who love this nation and her founding principles.

So, why the anger?

The NeoCons and the Corporate Republicans are trying to co-opt the Tea Party Movement. There's even fights going on over who started the "Tea Party" movement, and who has "rights" to the phrase "Tea Party". My irritation over this expressed during a phone conversation prompted American Prepper to do a post on just who started the whole "Tea Party" idea.

Here locally in California we have entered what I call the "Season Of Stupidity". The SOS is the period, usually six to 12 months, before a statewide election.

So far, we have two really stellar "conservative" ( I almost barfed saying that) candidates for governor. People that will fit right in with the huge hole left by the departure of that idiot Schwarzenegger. One has an ego as big as Arnold and the other has all the corporate tie-ins of the "Governator"

The egotist in question is none other than the husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor, The Duke Of Saxony, Prince Frederic Von Anhalt. Gabor, who is best known for "Moulin Rouge", is 93. She is reportedly in failing health. Gabor will make an excellent first lady for a state that is on its last legs. I can see Vegas taking bets on which one will take the long dirt nap first, California or Zsa Zsa.

Von Anhalt is allegedly not even real nobility. He apparently was "adopted" into the family by one woman, and the remainder of the family doesn't recognize him as a family member. Rumors abound that he possibly even paid for his title and made his living as a masseur prior to becoming a prince.

Great. Just what we need. A couple of dried up crones giving the California taxpayer a "Happy Ending".

That's just moderately better than getting bent over all the time.

Von Anhalt is related, by marriage, to that infamous ditz Paris Hilton ( WARNING: link goes to YouTube and her sex tape) and the rest of the Hilton family. I guess he doesn't get along real well with them though. The public feud between "The Prince" and The Hiltons has often made the press.

Von Anhalt apparently makes his living by selling questionable titles of nobility for $2 million a pop and being abducted and held naked by three women. If that isn't bad enough, he injected himself into the whole sordid tale of Anna Nicole Smith and claimed to be the father of Smith's baby.

Just thinking of seeing these miscreants in the governor's mansion makes me want to find a missile silo somewhere in Nebraska and turn the key.

Next we have Meg Whitman, former CEO of Ebay.

Meg states in her TV ads that the state needs to create jobs.

Wrong, Meg. The state needs to get the ***k out of the way and let people create jobs, and the people need to get wise to cows like you who laid off people and outsourced their jobs to foreign countries like India.

I'd like to see her address the issues surrounding her personal use of corporate assets and allegedly charging the cost off to stockholders.

Sort of like Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP, who is now wanting a California Senate seat. She sent American workers to the unemployment line while sending their jobs overseas. She also used her influence with John McCain to keep HP's pockets flush with cash by keeping money overseas in havens. Mc Cain fought to keep offshore tax havens in place.

And these people say they will "fix" what is wrong with California and the United States.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what roils in my mind each and every day.

2010 state and national elections are lost already, but we may have time to make an impact on the 2012 elections. All I can hope for is enough people locally will throw the big money candidates under the bus and elect out of work tool and die makers, farmers, engineers, and good honest folk to their local offices.

I'm going to inlay "3% 4 Freedom" on the stock of one of my rifles, just in case people reach for the cartridge box instead of the ballot box in the next few months.


HermitJim said...

Hey, it's good to see you back in the fray, buddy!

I like the phrase! Maybe we could have it made into t-shirts or buttons...although many out there just wouldn't understand it!

I hear ya on the sleepless nights, my friend! That sure makes it hard to continue on with the every day things, like Blogging!

You just stay with us and remember, we all support one another!

Ken said...

...is good to read ya again Brother,understanding the reasons fer yer absence...for what it's worth,i missed ya,i hope yer back to stay...keep the faith shipmate,WeWillWin...

chinasyndrome said...

Hey Catman 3% had a massive heart in his sleep and didn't recover.His friend R3VOLOUTION emailed me R3V understanably distraught.THREEPER is survived by a wife and 2 children ages 6-9.Any blog with patriots on it you would find him there.I've never known a person such a short time who I felt such a connection. He was a Patriot. My feeble words don't do the Brother justice.But like you I shall redouble my efforts to live up to his Ideals. Thanks Bro.

Shy Wolf said...

Welcome back, Catman. Does my heart good to see you.
I fully understand your reason for not posting- trying to get through to people is beating a dead horse. Seems that those who care are shouting from the rooftops to empty strets.
Your idea of branding your stock is excellent, will have multiple messages as well.
Again, good to have you back.
God bless.

Catman said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the welcome back. Season Of Stupidity? Feel free to pass it around!

I think maybe people are starting to catch on.

Hi Ken,

I missed everyone as well. It is good to have people of like mind and friends.


Is Threepers family going to be okay? Maybe we could get a collection going. It has been done for others via blogs.

Thanks for letting us know what happened, and thank R3V for letting us know too.

Do you know if he served over there in the sandbox? I've heard of a disturbing malady that seems to target people deployed there. It is known as the "Exploding Heart Syndrome".


Thanks for the welcome back! I wasn't away because I felt I was beating a dead horse, it was because I was (and still am) really deep down angry.

Its the kind of anger that bestows a calm instead of a shaking rage.

I find that disquieting.

chinasyndrome said...

Catman,I never got to personal on exactly when when and where.R3V stated that Threeper lost a spotter in central America,but 3% made it out,sounds like late 80s early 90s.Will fill you in on family when I hear from R3V.Perhaps stress from losing job of 20 yrs.As prepared as Threeper was I doubt he left family needing,but if so that would be awesome.I'm sure gonna miss that jarhead's comments.He was advising a lot on our American minuteman.CHINA III%

chinasyndrome said...

PS inlaying your stock put tears in my eyes again.Very cool idea.