Friday, January 22, 2010

Dead: Air America and Committing online suicide

Air America died yesterday. You know that answer to conservative talk radio that Senator Al Franken cobbled together back in 2004.

It went bankrupt and its corpse is now being dissected and parceled out to satisfy its creditors.

We've seen how badly Liberals can run a government. Private enterprise? What made them think they could run a radio network without government support? Hello PBS. No other example is really needed.

Hey Franken, I'm pissing on your baby's grave and laughing.

While I'm on the subject of death, have you joined any of the online social networks and regretted it? Personally, I did join Facebook and later just abandoned my account.

I abandoned it because I found it useless, and intrusive.

Not that it really mattered. There were some in the Prepper Community who knew my identity on Facebook and others who went to great lengths to figure out who I was with little success. You see, when I created my account, I lied.

Even though it is against their terms of service to create a fake persona, I did it anyways. No wrath of God fell upon me, no battery of lawyers accosted me, no goons threatened to break my knee caps. If for some reason you absolutely feel the need to belong to one of these communities, do yourself a favor and lie to them about who you are. Just do not make the mistake of impersonating an actual individual.

If you have accounts on the social networking sites, and they link directly back to you, and you no longer wish to have them, try this out.

Commit online suicide with a click of a button.


Ken said...

...funny how some folks take to those 'socialnetworks' like a religion...
"it said so on facebook,so its gotta be true,i mean they wouldn't lie would they ?"

"You see,when i created my account,I lied."...BWAAHAAAHAAAHAA....priceless

Anonymous said...
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Truth_Sets_You_Free said...

hope you guys take a look, not trying to spam, but with what catman talks about I think it goes along with the general theme.

オテモヤン said...
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