Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have some news for all of you out there.

I'm working with several *for real* Sovereign Citizens in putting together information on the Sovereign movement. These people are not in jail, not in danger of going to jail, not hounded by the IRS, and live productive lives. They drive vehicles free from the encumberance of license fees, and without state issued driver's licenses. They pay no income taxes.

There's quite a bit on the web about reclaiming your sovereignty, some of it is inaccurate and much of it people want big bucks to let you in on the "secret" that really isn't so secret.

These folks want to make the info, how to's, paperwork, and steps available to people at minimal cost.

So watch this space!


HermitJim said...

Now that sounds very interesting to me. I'll be looking forward to learning more, that's for sure!

idahobob said...

Waiting....foot tapping....


Anonymous said...

Is it ready yet?

See Ya

Northwoods said...

OK, it's been two days!
Cat...take us out of limbo here already!! :)

idahobob said...

Still waiting.....


Mayberry said...

Catman, you know I'm all in!!! Oh, and the registration on my truck is expired, so if you could put a move on it.....

idahobob said...



Unknown said...

Count me in too.
If ya need help on that email me, you know which address.


Felinae said...

Felinae here, aka Mrs. Catman. I'm sorry he's kept y'all waiting for the rest of this post. :(

He's been sidetracked by some shelf building for the garage and getting the yard ready for a garden.

I remind him,(ok maybe I nag him) everyday to at least put something up here to let y'all know he hasn't forgotten obviously you can see how well that is going. LOL!

Hmm...I wonder if I stop with the reminders(nagging) if he'll post a follow up? ;) Whad'ya think?

I hope all of you have a good week.