Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Piracy Made Easy or The Bunny Slipper Privateer


First off, I'm not an attorney. I do not have a degree in law. Much of what is written below in reference to legal issues is as I understand it from my own reading. This is not legal advice, and I encourage you to do your own research.

Today, when someone says "pirate", people think of the Skinnies floating around in a leaky boat off of Africa waiting for a fat cargo ship to lumber by. Maybe Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Some with more imagination will think back to the classic image of a peg legged, eye patched, hook wielding filthy criminal swilling rum and sailing the seas in a derelict ship searching for booty or a winsome lass.

Or they may think of that shadowy hacker locked up in his room figuring out the latest way to defeat Microsoft's genuine validation tool. I doubt they think of their kids flagrantly disregarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and easily defeating Digital Rights Management implementations, as well as copy protections as they rip and burn the latest DVD or music CD for their friends.

The corporations and law enforcement want to reinforce the image of a criminal in the mind of fair minded Americans whenever someone says "pirate". No one likes to be the victim of theft, and empathetic Americans often sympathize with the victims of theft, be they individuals or businesses. Americans want criminals caught and punished. Law enforcement and international corporations are playing on the sympathies of the good people of America.

People have realized, of late, that corporations make the laws of this, and other lands, by using their "personhood" and their access to vast wealth to basically install "yes men" into public office. That includes the judges in the legal system. The threat of having campaign contributions withheld is a sufficient motivator for public officers to heel at their master's command.

Americans are starting to wake up to the fact that many law enforcement agencies are only there to clean up a mess after it happens. There have been incidents where people have had reason to fear for their lives and sought police protection only to be turned away because a crime had not yet occurred. After these people were murdered, the police were right there.

Nothing more than a janitor with a gun. How comforting.

People have begun to understand that police are not in fact there for the people's protection, but for protection of the State's assets, and by extension, the Corporations. Nearly all states and municipalities are corporate entities. Oh yes, people are assets of the state, but you see, you are considered a resource to be used up. Ever wonder why "Personnel" was changed to "Human Resources"? Hmmmmm?

Yes, the United States is also a corporation. What? You didn't know the United States is a corporation?

If you didn't know, below is a short film that gives a brief history of what happened, and when.

Every law that you live under is governed by contract law. If you ever want to see people get squirrely, write "Without Prejudice UCC 1-308" above your signature when you sign any document. If you want to, you can dig through the Uniform Commercial Code, you can do so here.

So, we find ourselves at the mercy of corporations and without a legitimate form of government. It is my personal opinion, and that is just it, a personal opinion....that we as free Americans, who did not give our consent to have our lawful government removed, have a duty to create a legitimate government in absentia where ever we are. Even if it is only one person. Yourself.

If you ever find yourself in the position to do so, you may want to reclaim your Sovereignty. Learn more here.

I'm not a pirate. I prefer to think of myself as a "privateer". A gentleman with a letter of marque.

These corporations have received billions in bailouts, sweetheart deals, regulations that favored them over American small businesses, and stolen intellectual property from American inventors. I think a legitimate American government would never have tolerated this, and would have allowed for the right of offset and issued letters of marque.

As I have stated before, we are engaged in a "low intensity revolution". We're fighting a war against those who would enslave us. Some of the members of that evil cabal are international corporations and even "artists" as some laughingly call themselves. Hello Kanye West! These entities use the wealth that they siphon off of the American public to forge additional links in the chains they seek to bind us with.

We must deny the enemy the resources that they use to further their agenda. Their primary resource is money. By denying these entities their life's blood, while keeping their production and distribution costs high, we can hamper their agenda. Every movie that is copied, every CD that is ripped, every Kindle e-book that is hacked, every piece of software that finds its way to a public download site, is one less penny that they can use to further enslave us.

You have no reason to be loyal to these corporations or their laws. They may have their headquarters here in the United States, but they are incorporated elsewhere, offshore, where they can escape the tax laws they have saddled you with. They have shipped your jobs over seas, and impoverished you. They have destroyed America's once mighty manufacturing capacity, and reduced us to dealing in barely fit for consumption hamburgers. Rather than hiring qualified Americans, they have laws enacted that allow them to flood the land with H1-B visa wielding compliant slaves.

Just as the privateers of America's first navy worked to secure America's freedom by bringing enemy shipping to its knees; we, the modern digital privateers, can do the same to malevolent corporations on the high seas of the internet. Unlike those who have gone before us, who braved violent storms and cannon fire, we can loot the enemy from the comfort of our own homes. We don't even have to wear boots. A nice cozy pair of bunny slippers might even be your footwear of choice for your next raiding party.

I realize that many of you are probably very experienced privateers, but I want to give those who are not, a very easy and relatively safe tool, to begin their life as a freebooter.

There are now search engines that allow you to quickly, and easily locate "liberated" content online. Remember to never refer to it as "hacked, or stolen", the term is "liberated".

One that is very easy to use is RapidLibrary. Just type in the name of a movie, album, book, or whatever and up pops the results of where the files are located. Just click on the link provided to download the file off of RapidShare, one of the largest online file sharing services. Be aware that what you download may not always be what you are looking for, as many works have similar names. Always check your downloads for virus or malware infections before using them. Most virus scanners will scan inside of a compressed file.

Perhaps, as time permits, we'll get into advanced privateering in future postings.

Now you too can experience the thrill of running down your quarry, liberating it, and denying the enemy his resupply! Happy hunting!


Unknown said...

Excellent post Catman. I like the sound of a low intensity revolution.

Sunfighter said...

Many of us fight the system in our own ways. The fight against the system is actually very old, some think this is a “new” thing. Many are simply waking up to what is going on and are newbies. But the battle has been fought for ages. I am not a lawyer but I certainly can stand toe to toe with these parasites. I had to learn the law to survive in this screwed up land, over time I got good at. Jail house lawyers are some of the best ( I not a jail house lawyer, I am a “street smart lawyer”.

When I was young and hungry, I took my fair share of abuse from bill collectors and other assorted rabble. I can across a book about being a deadbeat. I forget the name of the book, but it showed me that you could fight the system. Bill collectors are impotent. If you understand your legal rights, you can laugh at these losers. In America you can defend yourself in a court of law. It's called pro per. This isn't legal advice, I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV. But you have the right handle your own legal affairs.

I am not suggesting you do this, most people lack the skills or ability to read legalese. But if you're a fighter and are willing to fight, there is nothing stopping you. I got sued twice in 2008. It cost me maybe $10 to defend myself in court. It cost the plaintiff's a lot more than that. One case was dropped and I made out on the other. Bill collectors and ambulance chasers make their living by scaring little old ladies and poorly educated people. Most people “wet themselves” when they get sued. I just laugh and say game on. Ever go to a lawyer with a problem ? Big bucks they want. But if you know how to handle the case yourself, it's chump change.

Many ( plaintiff's) will drop the case when they realize that you are going to drag them through the court system, it costs them money. Sometimes serious money. Since you are not an attorney, you can play dirty. See lawyer are circle jerkers, they service each other if you get my drift. But since you are not a member of their circle jerk club, you don't have to play nice. I never do myself.

These parasites extort money from people by using intimidation, when that fails they lose most of the time. I've never lost my hide by defending myself in court. So to you warriors out there, learn the legal system and you can play with these parasites like a cat toys with a bird, before it eats it the bird that is.

I came across a post recently that made me grin. We've heard how mortgages are “bundled” and sold. The same applies to consumer debt. The financial institutions bundle bad debt and sell it to a third party. How does this help you ? Well it takes a lot of paper work to sue someone. Most of this “bundled” debt doesn't have the necessary paperwork to actually win a court case. They are assuming you will rollover out of fear. If you fight it in court, they have to supply information that they don't have or may not be able to get. Get it.

So it might behoove any survivalist to learn how to defend themselves in the system.

Truth_Sets_You_Free said...

what your suggesting is wrong. Your right the government has done wrong, and we have been wronged, but what gives you or me the right to fight back like that? By becoming a thief, what your describing is theft, you become no better than the ones your fighting against.

Catman said...

Thanks, Sci-Fi!

Sunfighter, yes, we all need to be more aware of how the their law works, and use it to our advantage.

Truth, the old saying "two wrongs don't make a right"? Please, it should read "failure to respond to a wrong puts you at a disadvantage". I suspect the PTB wrote the first saying to keep people from developing a spine and demanding equal treatment.

Listen, if that is how you feel, you're welcome to it. Some may choose to ride a high horse all the way to the gallows. Or, perhaps toady up to those in power.

History has taught anyone who has bothered to learn from her that any force must be met by a larger force if they are to be defeated, or one that is smaller, but better skilled in subterfuge and sabotage.

Since we are not a larger force, we must engage in unconventional warfare.

Is what I am proposing distasteful? Yes. Wrong? No. Common law right of offset. Look it up.

Would I engage in these activities in a more genteel and civilized time? No. Why? Simple, because no one would be trying to enslave me, and I would not need to fight them on every front possible.

Do I "liberate" everything? No. I've never "liberated" works by Boston, ZZ Top, Metallica, or Ted Nugent. Why? Because I respect them. You must do as your own conscience dictates.

I appreciate your opinion, but I think you need to re-read Pastor Martin Niemoller's work, "First They Came" and understand the profoundness of that poem. It isn't just about the Jews being hauled off to be exterminated. It is about how one dies inside when one keeps silent in the face of evil.

Niemoller, and others, hid behind their silence because it was "right". That forced silence, the acceptance of something that was so wrong, broke them down to the point of where they can not even speak out in their own defense.

Remember, Niemoller sat by and watched the Jews and others carted off to die, because it was the "right" thing, it was the law. To speak out, to have protested, to have helped spirit away the Jews and others, would have been wrong. It would have been illegal.

But it would have been the right thing to do.

Truth_Sets_You_Free said...

For the record I am a Jew. I speak not of the laws of man, I speak of the laws of God. it is not right to stay silent against evil, but it is evil to return evil for evil. We are commanded to bless those who curse us and pray for those who deceitfully use us. We are to stand against evil, but we can't do it by being a thief. Speak out, petition, protest, boycaught, yes, but theft is not justified. Let he who steals steal no more, but instead work with his hands to help those in need.

Catman said...

Truth, I can understand your position. I hope you understand mine.

In a better world, I would heed you. Being a Jew, I know you don't follow the New Testament. I do. Yeshua told me to sell my cloak and buy a sword. This is what I have done.