Monday, January 4, 2010

Radio: Who Will Be On The Side Of The Civilians

Radio has on his blog, Radio's Preparedness Subculture Blog, a series of videos showing the recent progression of our nation's slide into a totalitarian state. I watched them all, and thought of the world I grew up in. Even back in the 60's, 70's, and 80's, we had begun an ever accelerating slide into what can be described as an Orwellian world, but compared to today, it could be called paradise.

When I compare it to the childhood of my father, it was a prison.

Every day brings new laws, new restrictions, new prohibitions, loss of language, loss of concepts, creation of words and concepts to reflect the will of an established order, and none of it seems very American to me.

We are a unique people, with a unique sense of what is right, and what is just. Even though we have stumbled and made grievous errors in the treatment of our fellow man, we have tried to rectify our mistakes. Many lands, and many peoples can not say the same. We tolerate the profane, accept the indolent while encouraging and lauding hard work, and beat each other senseless in the public arenas and walk away shaking hands.

One member of the British Parliament had this to say about us, "Americans were a strange set of people, and that it was in vain to expect any degree of reasoning from them; that instead of making their claim by argument, they always chose to decide the matter by tarring and feathering."

Tar and Feather.....maybe its time to bring back the practice.

The one point I forgot to make in my response to Radio was that those who took up arms against the colonial rule were farmers, cobblers, silversmiths, blacksmiths, deserters from British forces, fishermen, woodsmen, Indians, tinkers, shop owners, even men of means. People from every walk of life.

Most of them had no formal military training, and yet they defeated the world's best military.

Below is my response to Radio's post:


How very strange. I was thinking of a post along these lines as well.

Although I wanted to make a very different point because it seems many of us out here on the edge seem to lack, dare I say the word, "hope".

When the English decided that they had taken all the bile they could possibly stomach from their public officials, they revolted. Thus was born our nation, the United States of America.

History books can't paint a picture that shows the hardships that people endured as a whole, although they are very good at showing us names and dates of the major players and actions.

The one thing that they will not show is the cruelty visited upon human beings by other humans.

If we find no peaceful resolution to our current dilemma, and must resort to violence and revolt against those who seem determined to stand upon our necks, then it shall indeed be a cruel, and harsh season for all Americans.

People will bear witness to acts in our own streets that are the purview of horror movies or the battlegrounds of the third world.

But there is "hope".

When the heavy hand of Parliament, British business concerns, and King George imposed onerous laws, and unreasonable taxes. People began to ignore them.

We can see that happening now here, again, in this land. How many people openly ignore speed limits, restrictions on cell phone usage, drug laws, copyrights, gun laws, laws about manufacturing, possessing, or using destructive devices, licensing animals, and all the other minutiae, and even major laws such as the income tax.

These actions are becoming more and more frequent, and more flagrant

When resistance began spreading through the English Colonies, the Crown relied upon its military and navy to quell the sporadic outbreaks of open disobedience and even violence.

Here, now, this criminal government relies on the current equivalent. The FBI, the BATF, local, state, and other federal law enforcement agencies. American military forces have been used at checkpoints, and to go house to house to confiscate weapons not just in New Orleans, but in Kansas.

Instead of quelling the resistance, the resistance grows stronger. The people are more bold in speaking out against a government drunk with power.

England was forced to resort to mercenary forces because it could no longer rely on her own forces, even as she recruited from her own prisons, to protect and maintain her interests.

Even now, our corrupt government recruits from prisons, ex-convicts, and gang members to fill its military's ranks. It turns more and more to places like Xe (Blackwater) to provide armed suppression units as more honorable active and retired military, police, and others weigh their Oath to the Constitution and the people of the United States.

Blogs, internet radio shows, videos on YouTube all contain content that borders on, if it isn't outright, seditious. They've taken the place of Thomas Payne's Common Sense and all of the less well known postings and bills pasted in the town square.

Who will be on the side of the civilians?

I will.

So, hopefully, will be you. And others who read your blog, and all of the blogs that speak to a unified theme of not bending a knee to those who demand it.

Once we take up arms, we are no longer "civilians". We will be an army.

If we are captured, they'll call us "enemy combatants", and make us disappear.

It's a sacrifice I will make if called upon. The acres of stone in our National Cemeteries demonstrate the willingness of those who have gone before us to make the same sacrifice. The willingness of American's to give their lives for a greater purpose, a noble idea.

That of Freedom.


Radio Bloger said...

Catman, it looks as if you and I were cursed at birth with the "may you live in interesting times" blessing.

What I will not comply with, looks to be only around the corner...

"My respects to all friends, confusion to all enemies.

A blood-red banner waves from the church of Bexar, and in the camp above us, in token that the war is one of vengeance against rebels.

If they overpower us, we fall a sacrifice at the shrine of our country, and we hope prosperity and our country will do our memory justice."

- from various letters of William Barret Travis

"People don't talk that way anymore"...

No, no they don't, and we find ourselves here because of that fact.

Guy on his 8th beer said...

A wonderful thought Catman but I fear that Americans are too anesthetized by much of modern life and it's conveniences and distractions to find the will to revolt. I can hardly believe the extent that we have allowed our freedoms to be infringed upon. Most of the people in my neck of the woods (Minnesota) are so consumed with the daily grind and keeping their heads above water that they can think of little else. Sad but true.

I will not give up hope though. The U.S. military still have men with testicles in command (current "Commander in Chief" excepted).

Anonymous said...

Modern life and its distractions have turned most Americans into sheepish slaves. However, a significant portion are waking up and getting pissed off precisely because they are loosing their "modern privlidges and convieniences" - mostly through job loss or severe drops in their income. Bleed their pocketbooks enough and threaten their livelihood enough and they will revolt.

Anonymous said...

"As our enemies have found we can reason like men, so now let us show them we can fight like men also."

Thomas Jefferson

I will be there , by the sides or in front of my fellow patriots. I went to war before for a much less worthy cause, now let this enlistment actually mean something .

I hate the thought of what is about to transpire, American's are not ready to view what they will. In our streets it will be and our kids will see these things. God have mercy on us all and give us the strength and will to do what must be done.

Terrific and inspiring post CATMAN, Thank You !


Mayberry said...

Catman, we can only hope that there is enough of that rebellious American Spirit left to go 'round when the time comes. And therein lies the answer to the current, and past regimes' lack of interest in "border security", and their lust for "immigration so-called reform". They want to dilute that rebellious spirit, and avert what they surely must know is coming: their complete overthrow, and day of reckoning. Plus, they need warm, taxpaying bodies to prolong their Ponzi schemes that are our economy, and Socialist Security. Keeping them employed 'till they can pass the buck... That's the best case scenario. Worst case is that all the "conspiracies" are right, and they're hell bent on world domination. Either way, we're screwed.

JacqulynTorres said...
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Catman said...

Some of you may have seen the deleted comment.

Hopefully none of you clicked on it. It referred to some questionable sites. Some of which contained porn, or attempted to install malicious software.

I apologize. I do not want to enable comment moderation. I want everyone to have their say, even if it is against what I'm thinking and saying here.