Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Low Intensity Revolution: What You Can Do

Many people are talking openly about revolution. I'm one of them.

There's nothing to be ashamed of in decrying the woeful state of affairs in this land and calling for an alteration in the course this nation has taken. On the contrary, to remain silent, and accept the "hope and change" that is being foisted upon you is shameful.

It is my fervent prayer that the scent of blood and gunpowder never fill the streets of America again. That violence will be the final argument made by Americans demanding the restoration of their rights, freedoms, and lawful government.

Fighting a revolution does not mean that you have to take up arms and head off to engage in combat with the forces sent to assure your continued servitude. Not all of us can take another human being's life. Some of us, for reasons of conscience, will not engage in violence. Not all of us are physically capable of taking the punishment of a life of privation, and asperity.

But we all must do something to impede the progress of the enemy.

It is my belief that most of us are engaged in an epic struggle against the forces who would extinguish the light of Liberty forever. To turn this world into a vast feudal state where most are serfs, doomed to toil for the few at the top. Some of us may not even realize that we have joined the struggle. The thought that many of us are fighting a low intensity revolution has not come to the minds of people everywhere.

We must foster this idea, low intensity revolution, and spread it. It will give hope to those who feel hopeless. It will give direction to those who know not what to do. It will give those who want to fight a purpose, a mission. A way to strike back without exposing themselves to undue risk.

Already people march and display signs threatening the livelihood of politicians. The politician's next meal comes at your discretion. If you put him/her out of office, and treat him/her and their family as pariahs within their home districts, the message will be loud and clear. You ignore us at your peril.

This is low intensity revolution. We have already won a small victory as those in who sit in our capitols are starting to fear for their jobs. It will be a larger victory when they start doing what we tell them.

Already the fear on The Hill and within the corridors of state capitols is palpable. It is so bad that these fools are willing to risk further backlash from Americans as they once again take up the subject of amnesty for illegal aliens. The Democrats are pushing hard for this legislation, as they hope the additional estimated THIRTY MILLION VOTES will offset the loss of votes from angry Americans. They hope these votes will be enough to keep them in power. Don't think its just the Democrats, the Republicans are eyeing that block of votes hoping it will be enough to put them back in power.

We must do more.

Napoleon Bonaparte is thought to have once said "An army travels on its stomach."

The foe we face travels on its wallet. And we can deny them the sustenance that allows them to make further incursions on our freedoms.

People have cut back severely on their buying. Everything from big ticket items, to the small luxuries. The loss in sales has hurt government in an unprecedented manner as tax revenues have failed to materialize.

Our enemy pays its fickle dogs of war from the monies extorted from you through fines, taxes, fees, levies, and assessments.

Even now, as states and municipalities contemplate raising tax rates to mollify special interest groups suffering from long overdue cuts in their budgets, police forces whine about changes in their compensation plans. Consider Cleveland's public employee unions cutting their own throat. This isn't an isolated incident. More of these scenarios are playing out across this nation.

Hey Mr. Policeman, you forgot who you worked for, and now you're going to lose your job and everything that job bought. That's right, you snickered when we told you we paid your salaries as you routinely lied and violated our rights. You forgot the cardinal rule, "He who pays the piper calls the tune." It wasn't your supervisors, or even the city council who paid the piper. It was us, and we're not paying anymore.

I look forward to seeing you at the freeway onramp standing around in your black SS uniform with a sign that says, "Will intimidate citizens for food."

As tax revenues continue to fall, it is incumbent upon all of us to ensure that the revenues continue to dry up no matter how high they raise the tax rate. The reason? The faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats at every level of government will lose their jobs at an accelerated rate. Without them to implement and oversee the myriad of useless laws and regulations, the house of cards will fall. Already they are being furloughed and laid off. Let's help them begin a new life in 2010 by becoming productive people instead of just unthinking leeches.

How can we do this?

Don't buy new unless you absolutely have to. Barter, trade, exchange with like minded people in your communities. Start a neighborhood co-op this spring. It isn't too early to begin planning your spring and summer gardens. Work with your friends and neighbors to create a wide variety of available fresh vegetables and fruits. Trade within your circle. If you're not spending it, they can't tax it.

Obey the speed limit and other traffic laws. It sounds stupid, but it keeps your insurance rates down, and keeps the revenue from fines out of their pockets. Help the guy who may be a few minutes late getting back to the parking meter by dropping in a nickel. It'll keep the fines out of the local coffers.

Get a used bicycle to make your local neighborhood trips, and skip using the car. Don't use gasoline, and screw the Arabs.

Use your imagination to develop ways to keep your own money and avoid giving it to the government.

The Powers That Be, PTB, have tried to cajole us into taking on further debt to jump start the economy. Most of us ain't buying that crap as million dollar bonuses are paid out to corporate heads as they lay off the rank and file. Banks charge up to 80% interest on credit cards, while paying you 2% on your savings account.

This is theft, and it has to end.

Speaking of theft. How many of you wanted to be a pirate when you were a kid? Well, never forget International Talk Like A Pirate Day. And realize its not too late to become a real life pirate.

Pirate everything you can. Music, books, movies. Go crazy.


Simple, the corporations and the artists who created these works donated millions of dollars to put some of the worst offenders into public office. Now, its payback time.

If you don't give them your money, the government can't collect sales taxes, and the artists and corporations can't throw money at the politicians. Nice how that works out, and you still get to enjoy some first rate entertainment!

I'll put up a post in the next day or two on pirating made easy.

The PTB have thrown trillions of dollars out there to places that wasted it, didn't need it, didn't use it, or absconded with it by throwing lavish parties and allowing privileged people to walk away with what amounted to bags of cash.

All that has done is dilute the money supply and drive up inflation, and lower the value of the currency.

We shouldn't care. We should bite the bullet and take the hit, and allow the mighty to fall. We have little, and little to lose. The wealthy have much and a lot to lose. I would willingly sacrifice what I have to ensure my children have a better world to grow up in.


Simple. If you have a lowly dollar bill in your wallet, and that's all you have, and tomorrow it is worth a penny, what will happen? Chances are you'll just go on and shrug it off. Think about the people who have millions of dollars and will see the value of it decrease by 99%.

How will they manage? How will they cope? What will it do to the world economy? See, that's why the PTBs are trying to establish an alternative reserve currency, because ultimately that is what is going to happen. If they get another currency established, they will be able to preserve their own wealth, while destroying what is left of ours.

We need to make sure it crashes before they can get out.

By that point we should be in a position to seize control of our government. We'll just repudiate any foreign debt, claim that the whole system is illegal, offer up Bernanke and all of the others to the Chinese to place on trial and execute.

The people of Iceland have already done this, and we should follow suit. God bless them!

And watch the world crumble.

I think it will be cool when Bernanke has to pay for the bullet the Chinese will execute him with.


Loco Gato said...

You want to post this on CalPreppers?

Loco Gato

Anonymous said...

The best post I have read today. Keep preaching brother.

See Ya

Humble wife said...

Catman-- I am here in a different way, but as effective...I say no more to HOLLYWOOD AND EVERYTHING IN THE BIZ. No more movies, no more television shows...nothing.

Oh and same with music...don't we already have enough?

No need to download one more piece of crap from some blowhard that tells me I am a teabagger. No more NPR...NO MORE SESAME STREET NO MORE DISNEY NO MORE MSM OUTLETS EVER AGAIN.

Boy I am pissy- I guess not, I am just one more who has had enough.

Shy Wolf said...

Great, Catman- most sensible, best written posting I've read on the 'silent' revolution.
So very do-able if even a (not too) small portion of the purchasing public follows it regularly.
Hope you don't mind: ,linked this to MNPrep.
God bless

APN said...

Thanks Catman..Great post, but you already know I'm taking your advice.

Catman said...

Hey Loco, sure. I'll repost over there and thanks!

DIMY, thanks man! We'll beat these bastards yet!

Humble Wife, I know you are a good Christian woman, and you must do as your conscience dictates. What you do is just as effective, and it is appreciated by all of us trying to get to the roots rather than the branches of tyranny. But who can resist the sweetness of "liberated" drink?

Shy, Thanks for the thumbs up! People are always free to repost whatever I write. They can laud or ridicule as they wish!

Tom, I know you are! You're a great American. Now if we can only get that guy from New York with the Devo hair to stop saying that.